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We specialize in making printed scarves for more than ten years. Have good technology and rich experience.According to the material classification, printed scarves can be divided into pure silk, polyester, cotton and so on. Printed silk scarves can be divided into digital printing and screen printing according to the process. We can make customized scarves for both men and women. 100% silk scarves are high-grade scarves produced by us. Customers can choose different processes according to the pattern. Digital printing allows intricate patterns to appear on scarves. Screen printed allows simple colors to appear more clearly on the scarf. Silk scarves can be rolled by hand or machine. Among them, the hand-rolled silk scarf is an essential detail of high-end silk scarf. Also we've worked with a lot of big brands.

In addition to printed scarves, we also have men's and women's scarves, which can be divided into polyester scarves, wool scarves, acrylic scarves, etc., and woven scarves and knitted scarves according to technology. We have a variety of patterns, different sizes and styles for these scarves. Of course, we can also customize them according to customers' requirements. Our scarves are of high quality, highly praised by customers, and popular by customers in the market. We are constantly developing new scarf patterns to give customers more and better choices.

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