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black tie wedding guest dress

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Black-Tie Attire Shopping Tips

Black-tie attire is costly, and while you might be able to find a great deal, shopping around will take you some time. But if a new ball gown or tuxedo isn't in your budget, don't worry, we have two ideas. First, ask around. Chances are you have a friend with an ensemble you can wear just hanging in their closet that they'll gladly let you borrow.

Second, there are various dress and rental shops available today, which can help you find designer looks for a fraction of the cost. For example, companies like Rent the Runway, Nuuly, Generation Tux, and Men's Wearhouse offer a huge selection of designer formalwear looks that are perfect for black-tie weddings. Rent the Runway will even let you choose a second size in the same dress, so you're likely to find the perfect fit even without trying it on.

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