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ties for men

ties for men is just like schoolbags for srtudents, it is not only an exquisite accessory, but also a symbol of the civilization. So it is important to choose an elegant necktie for yourself, your father, or your children. It could be a classic gift, it could also become the bond between you and th

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Considerations for Necktie Matching

A gentleman's necktie is akin to a woman's jewelry, adding brilliance while elevating one's personal fashion charm. For gentlemen's attire, the necktie is an essential accessory. Without it, one cannot claim to be a true gentleman. The combination of necktie and suit shirt becomes the focal point of

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Recommendation for versatile men's neckties

1. White dress shirt: any necktieIt is likely that everyone has a white dress shirt in their wardrobe, which can be paired with almost any color or pattern of necktie. However, the choice of style should also depend on the occasion, desired image, and the material and color scheme of the suit.For ex

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Fashionable Pairing of Ties for Men in Autumn and Winter

As the autumn atmosphere grows stronger, the tie is an indispensable part of selecting a suit. Even if the suit is crisp, the shirt is of high quality, and the leather shoes are shiny, if the tie is improperly matched, the overall impression will certainly be greatly discounted. Yiwei suggests that

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How to match different bow ties with a suit?

In general, the final step for men to complete their overall look is to choose a matching tie or bow tie. Compared to ties, bow ties are more formal. In the past, bow ties were often associated with being too formal or old-fashioned. Gentleman etiquette expert K.Cooper Ray describes them as "not old