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hats cap

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hats cap

The baseball cap was developed along with the baseball game, which is a collective and confrontational ball game with bat play as its main feature. It is widely carried out in the world and has great influence, known as "the combination of competition and wisdom". It is especially popular in the United States and Japan and is called the "national game". Because of baseball's influence, the cap thrived along with the game of baseball. According to American experts who have been arguing for years, baseball originated from the English game of Cricket (Rounder). In 1839, the American Doubleday organized the first game very similar to the modern game of baseball. In the game, players put on hats in order to cover the sun at the beginning. Because of its particularity, the brim of the hat is longer to block the sun's exposure to the eyes, so as to obtain better results. This is the earliest baseball cap.

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