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Guide to the selection and purchase of neckties

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Tie, as an essential part of a suit, plays an important role in decorating, embellishing and beautifying the suit. If you want to buy an ideal tie, you should choose it from the fabric, design and color, style, quality and other aspects.

Every man should have a tie with a deep and serious tone in his daily wardrobe, such as dark blue, wine red and gray. The dark tie and white shirt are classic and timeless. Such a tie is a valuable purchase. It can be worn daily or instead of a bow tie to attend an important party.

Heavy neckties are always very solemn and elegant, especially when the texture is high quality pure silk. Wine red, bright red and brick gray are rough. If you like more fashionable ones, "high-tech" bright grey and black are good. It will have a very rich style matching with well made suits, leather shoes and shirts of the same color.

If you have a tie of this popular color, you must ensure the high quality, because if you can't keep the quality flat after tying, you will lose the reliable and stable appearance of a man due to the wrinkles on the tie.

If you want to be original, you can buy a pink or lavender tie. Most people look a little silly when they wear such ties. But if they match with shoes and clothes properly, they can also show their extroverted personality, and even break the silence.

What can be guaranteed is that there will be a high rate of return. You should buy such ties when you are sure that there are many "ordinary ties" in your daily wardrobe. You can't wear it every day. The trend is changing. But old friend, if you want to be a little different, you need to spend more time.

If you only have a few ties, you should not buy more eccentric ones. Instead, you should buy more simple ones or twill ones. It mainly depends on whether you are conservative or outgoing. The tie should suit your taste. The mixed pattern is not ideal for the negotiation environment, and you will not wear a pink tie to attend the funeral.

Try to buy a more adaptable tie to match your existing clothes and shoes. Of course, it depends on your financial situation. If you like to wear classical style clothes, it is recommended not to buy ties with animal and cartoon patterns, which will soon become outdated and tacky. But still, if your taste is extroverted and you have appropriate clothes and shoes, even if you wear a Mickey Mouse or Spider Man tie, you will still be recognized as a person who can wear clothes

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