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About Necktie

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The tie is a dress piece of the shirt collar, which is tied on the shirt collar and knotted on the chest. Broadly speaking, it includes a bow tie. It is usually used with a suit, and is the most basic clothing accessories in people's (especially men's) marriage and daily life.

In social etiquette, you should wear a tie when wearing a suit, and the length should be up to the belt buckle. If you wear a vest or sweater, the tie should be placed behind them, and the tie clip is usually sandwiched between the fourth and fifth buttons of the shirt.

It can be roughly divided into four categories,

1. The bussiness tie is specially designed for white-collar workers. The patterns are mainly polka dots tie,paisley tie, stripe men tie and checked ties. The material is exquisite and elegant.

2. Evening wear series This series pays special attention to the fluorescent effect on the tie. On the deep tie background, the lines crisscrossed by longitude and latitude or the bright spots distributed like stars are shining, full of star flavor.

3. The leisure series is easy and casual, and the decoration of the tie covers the needs of etiquette. Therefore, cartoon figurines, flowers, characters, etc. have also climbed onto the tie, which is specially used for matching with T-shirts and casual suits.

4. The exaggerated colors and grotesque patterns of the trendy series show that the series is out of line and become the pets pursued by avant-garde people. Purple red, indigo and tile yellow are its standard colors. It is specially prepared for men who wear strange clothes and ornaments.

Now, tie is more suitable for men's daily life and has become a popular accessory.

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