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What kind of tie knot should be worn with a suit?

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What kind of tie knot should be worn with a suit?

Every man will have a set of formal clothes to make himself shine in formal occasions. But generally when wearing formal clothes, you need to wear a tie. However, many male friends do not know how to choose a tie, let alone what kind of tie knot should be matched with a formal suit.

Formal wear, also known as a suit, is the standard for mature men and is a reasonable outfit for everyone to wear when attending some formal occasions. However, sometimes because they are not clear about the tie culture, leading to their selection of the wrong tie, but also tied a wrong tie knot, ruining the overall sense. Don't worry, Yi Wei takes you step by step to select a tie.


The tie is the core of formal attire. But in general, judging whether a tie is good or bad depends mainly on its material. General tie materials are silk, imitation silk and polyester and so on. Among them, the most advanced is silk. It feels very soft and delicate, and it is not easy to wrinkle, and it has a sense of luster. The imitation silk is more dazzling in color; and the polyester silk is very rough and dull.


With the development of the times, people care more and more about their personal experience and want to highlight their individuality in clothing, food, housing and transportation. It is for this reason that more and more designers are choosing patterns from uniqueness. However, it is recommended that you choose a tie pattern according to their formal wear to choose, if the formal wear is simple style, then the tie is the opposite of better.

tie knot

I have been telling you how to choose a tie according to the material and pattern, but after choosing the right tie, what kind of tie should men choose for matching? Tie knots mainly include the versatile flat knot, the simple and popular cross knot, the formal and fashionable double loop knot, etc., but the types of shirts they are applicable to are not consistent. It is recommended that men can choose according to the actual situation.

What kind of tie knot should be worn with a suit

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