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Unusual tie knot——the Pratt knot

Unusual tie knot——the Pratt knotIf you want something a bit different from the four-in-hand, the pratt is an excellent option. It is another simple, simple to master knot. The pratt knot differs from other knots in that you begin tying it with the tie inside out. Because it fits in well in both form

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The most common four-handed tie knot

The most common four-handed tie knotThe easiest knot to master is undoubtedly the four-in-hand knot. But don't mistake that simplicity for being uninteresting. The four-in-hand knot's dominance as the most common necktie knot is due to more than just its usability; it emits a casual yet distinguishe

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What kind of tie knot should be worn with a suit?

Every man will have a set of formal clothes to make himself shine in formal occasions. But generally when wearing formal clothes, you need to wear a tie. However, many male friends do not know how to choose a tie, let alone what kind of tie knot should be matched with a formal suit.Formal wear, that