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What color tie should be chosen for formal occasions

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What color tie should be chosen for formal occasions

1、Monochrome tie

Usually monochrome tie is the general company staff application tie, trendy, clean and tidy, rapport, is a white-collar tie commonly used. At the time of work need to be strict and serious, this occasion is not suitable for the pattern of flowers and green.

2、Vertical pattern tie

This kind of tie actually vertical pattern specifications and color often have many variants, black background picture style light and unique meaning, can participate in formal or informal places.

3、Square tie

This kind of tie is not suitable to participate in solemn and formal negotiation, but can be worn in more casual places. Square tie is a more casual decorations.

4, vertical pattern spotted tie

This kind of tie gives people a jumpy and open-minded feeling, usually to participate in good friends' parties or informal trips among colleagues. Different color tie wear in different places, some tie solemn atmosphere, some 'tie open, some tie color give people warm into the spring feeling, some vitality.

Tie selection considerations

Wearing a tie to choose a good tie fabric, choose a tie first from the fabric, tie fabric is very diverse, the most high-grade and the most authentic fabric, is silk and pure wool. In addition, there are nylon, cotton, linen, leather, etc., these grades are lower, not suitable for use in formal occasions.

The color of the tie is single-color and multi-color, single-color suitable for official activities or grand social occasions, with blue, gray, black, brown, fuchsia most popular. Multi-color ties generally do not exceed three colors, can be used in all kinds of occasions. Try not to wear ties that are too brightly colored.

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