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How should your tie go with your suit?

The humble, nonchalant necktie has had a knotty couple of years. First came lockdown, and our ties were left hanging; months passing without so much as a single Windsor. Then came the work-from-home revolution, when they took the brunt of our new, more casual working wardrobes. But things are look

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A few tie matching tips

1. You must have a basic white shirt in your wardrobe. Versatile clothes, with different styles of ties, almost no problem. 2. When wearing, you can choose a solid knitted tie or a patterned wool collar. Such a tie will make your clothes look thinner and more casual. 3. Never wear it with a silk or

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What color tie should be chosen for formal occasions

Core tips: Silk material is difficult to clean clothing, need to be very careful. So how to wash silk ties? How to do after the tie is washed and deformed? How to wash silk ties: Ties get dirty easily after a period of time. They should not be washed by sailors or washing machines. They should be se