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What color of the scarf is not tacky and very versatile?

Views: 201     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-05-05      Origin: Site


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What color of the scarf is not tacky and very versatile?

What color of the scarf is not tacky and very versatile? I believe this is a question in the heart of many women. In the autumn and winter season, scarves have also become a must-have item. It is not only a kind of warm artifact, but also the weapon of concave modeling, collocation clothing is more fashionable fan. How to choose scarves in autumn and winter, good-looking joker 5 kinds of color department, reduce age fashionable still not tacky.

1.White scarf

White is also a more versatile color. Just like the classic black, white, and gray, this kind of color department collocation is more elegant and generous. After all, in the autumn and winter seasons, our clothes will also be in black and gray in the majority. This kind of dark color is tied in with a white scarf, so the overall color will be more outstanding. So when we choose black clothes with a white scarf, it is also more fashionable and foreign-style.

2.Black head-striped scarf

The element of stripe is a more versatile and fashionable model, although it has a long history but has never been eliminated on the fashion stage. And the classic black and white stripe is not only more elegant and generous, but the collocation is also more versatile and fashionable. Whether it is black and white clothing or other colors of clothing, with this black and white striped scarf as a match, it will be more advanced and fashionable, but a sense of layers is also more clear to wear when modeling.

3.Light gray scarf

Relative to the kind of bright white department, light gray is more gentle, and collocation is also more prominently sweet. Especially mature women are more suitable for some elegant wind designs. Like this light gray scarf, with a more prominent and elegant temperament. But light gray is more suitable for white department collocation, which highlights the gentle charm and also has a very feminine flavor.

4.Apricot scarf

Actually, light gray and apricot colors can be said to be the same color system. Apricot scarves, on the other hand, have a better contrast. That is to say, if the light gray is more suitable for some young girls, Then the apricot color system is not so selective. No matter if it is a few years old or a little mature, collocation is no pressure to highlight a soft and sweet temperament.

5.Black scarf

Black, white, and gray are classic colors that will not look tacky. Natural is also not in the black department. The black department is deep inside collectibles, more in accord with this season's wear build. Of course, when choosing a black scarf, it is recommended that you choose a thicker version so that the black department is more advanced and collocation clothing is more fancier.

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