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How to choose a suitable scarf?

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How to choose a suitable scarf?

Scarves are long, triangular, square and other fabrics around the neck. The fabrics are generally made of wool, cotton, silk, Modi, cotton, acrylic, polyester, etc., usually warm, and can also be worn because of beauty, cleanliness or religion. However, many people don't know exactly how to choose a scarf.

To this end, the following is to share how to choose a scarf.

The scarf and the skin tone

The yellow people wear light yellow, pink, gray, light gray blue and other light color soft scarf. Do not choose dark red, dark purple, yellow, dark green, dark color, dark red, dark blue, lake blue, rose red, white skin, wide color, dark gray, red and other dark color more white, yellow, pink and other light color can make you particularly soft tone.

The scarf and the figure

Generally speaking, for the tall and large person, the broad and broad silk scarves are more beautiful and elegant. In addition, the shape of the flower after tying should also be commensurate with the figure.

Different materials and scarf purchasing techniques.

1. The knitted scarf gives people a very delicate feeling, reminding people of romantic Korean dramas. On collocation, because of the unique texture of the scarf, it is more suitable for matching flowers and other not eye-catching clothes. The whole body is dressed up around the delicate knitting wind, giving a person a very comfortable and warm feeling.

How to buy a scarf, what material material of the scarf is good.

2, silk is an enduring popular material, such a material will highlight the gloss of the skin, easy to bring out the elegant and intellectual taste, so when choosing a silk scarf, you should consider your own skin color,Girls with yellow skin, or girls with relatively dry skin should not choose such a texture as the main material.

3, cotton and linen scarf with a strong affinity, and the texture is more close to the skin is very comfortable, and collocation is also more versatile type, because the material through the plain, very good to match clothes. This is also what material of the scarf good selection of individual versatile material scarf.

4. Fur scarves are usually fixed with leather coat. Different girls will have different tastes. Beautiful girls who go to the affinity route should choose simple colors, to highlight the lovely and fresh style. The material of the scarf is all-inclusive, and the most important thing is to choose the right material among the many materials.

Scarf maintenance method.

Cotton scarf: in the first cleaning, there will be a little fading, which is related to the quality of the scarf. When the first washing of cotton scarf, it is best to put some salt in the water, so as to prevent fading.

Silk scarf: with soap or soap first dissolved in water, pay attention to the water temperature is not too high, fingers in not cool, and then put the silk scarf in, wash gently with the hand, pay attention not to rub hard, also can not directly with the washing machine, so easy deformation and damage silk scarf, after washing, must use water to wash soap.

Pure or blended synthetic fiber scarf: this kind of scarf, must not be soaked with boiling water, this kind of chemical fiber, can not withstand the temperature of boiling water, often because the temperature is too high shrinkage and deformation, destroy the original shape, and the elasticity of clothes will also be affected.

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