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What are the best leather cuts for belts?

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What are the best leather cuts for belts?

The particular kind of leather cut you use while manufacturing a belt is just as significant as the quality. Although it picks up less attention in the tanning business than leather quality, it is just as crucial to producing high-quality goods made from leather.

Double Butt Cut - The Best Hide for Belts

The double butt cut is made on both sides of the cow from the rear leg area of the hide, around the butt, and up to the spine. The thickest and firmest portion of the hide, which also produces the most even and uniform substance. Making thicker goods like belts is made much easier with double butt cuts. They produce less waste and more usable belt straps than other cuts due to their more rectangular form and constant thickness. The greatest belts for both men and women are made from this type of leather.

For all of our belts, we only utilize double butt hides that have been vegetable tanned, and we closely collaborate with Seidel Tanning Corp's research and development team in Milwaukee to produce our hides.

Side Leather Cut - Good, but not Great

Half of a cow skin is divided lengthwise down the center to create a side cut. It includes a portion of the cow's shoulder, butt, and belly. The leather produced by side cuts has a variety of properties, including stronger, stiffer leather closer to the spine and thinner, softer, more flexible leather closer to the belly. Due to the excessive amount of waste it produces, this would not be our first option for using to make a leather belt. If you want to manufacture a variety of leather items, it is a suitable compromise.

Belly Leather Cut - Bad for Belts

A leather hide's belly might have a more asymmetrical form than other cuts since it is cut from the left or right margins of the hide. Animals' bellies naturally enlarge and compress as they consume food and liquids. As a result, leather from the belly is softer and more flexible than leather from other parts of the skin. Belly leather is not recommended or used for belt creation since it is stretchy, which is not a quality you look for in a superb leather belt, and because of the uneven form, which produces a lot of waste. Although it is not the greatest leather cut, it is still a respectable choice for creating a number of different leather goods, such as wallets or purses.

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