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Precautions when wearing a men's brooch

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Precautions when wearing a men's brooch

Brooch is not exclusive to women; men can also wear a brooch. They can choose a style suitable for their own style of brooch, so you will become a female friend in the heart of the man of god. So now there are many men wearing brooches, but men wearing brooches is also exquisite. Brooches should not be worn, otherwise they will be self-defeating. Let a person joke, so what is the man's brooch method?

Men's brooch method

The position in which the man's brooch is worn is also exquisite. If men wear leading clothes, brooch on the left; if men wear not leading clothes, brooch on the right side; if the man wearing a suit with a brooch has general hair to the left, brooch on the right, and the right, brooch on the left, the visible men's brooch wearing position is different; different dress, different hairstyle, men's brooch wearing position is not the same.

1.When wearing a suit or clothes with a neckline, the brooch is in principle worn on the left side of the chest, and the brooch can be directly pinned on the left neckline, as shown in the picture above.

2.When wearing a standing collar or without clothes, the brooch is usually worn on the right side.

3. If the hairstyle is combed to the left, the brooch is generally worn on the right; if the hairstyle is combed to the right, the brooch should be worn on the left; if it is a flat or short buzz cut, left and right can be worn.

4.The brooch should be worn on the neckline of the suit, not near the pocket, which is basic etiquette.

5.At the same time, the brooch should be between the top two buttons and remain horizontal or vertical.

6.If it is not a very important occasion, such as a party, meeting, party, etc., it is generally not required to wear a brooch, but if you want to appear more tasteful and exact, you will usually choose to wear a brooch.

Where is the man's brooch worn?

The specific position should be the middle of the first and second buttons and should be worn on the neckline, which is common when wearing a coat or suit. Left or right can be worn, depending on their own habits; theoretically, wearing the left side will be more comfortable, but if they are left-handed, they will usually choose to wear the right side.

Man's brooch and clothing collocation

The texture, color, and wearing position of the man's brooch need to be considered to determine whether the matching of the clothing is harmonious. Generally speaking, when a man wears a suit, he can choose a big brooch to wear, a material choice that is better, or a pure color for his brooch. When wearing a shirt or a thin cardigan, you can wear a novel and chic small man brooch. The man's brooch is mainly emphasized to be fashionable and not to lose the etiquette; the style of the man's brooch should also match with the suit.

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