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Choose the right pin and use it correctly

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Choose the right pin and use it correctly

Choose the right pin and use it correctly, and you can wear it confidently. You can also learn how to match the most stylish pin look.

If you just start wearing it, try a tie bar.

Choose the classic style of the pin, the appearance of the insurance, easy to wear. The tie bar has a needle with a decoration, a fine needle, and a knob that can slide up and down and protect the needle. This is the most common lapel pin, and wearing this style guarantees your look out.

Protect the pretty suit with a magnetic buckle pin. 

Choose a pin with magnetic buttons to avoid leaving small holes in cherished clothes. The pins were secured by holding the lapel with 2 magnetic buttons and fixed. Too bad this pin is not as strong as other styles.

If you need to move regularly, use a screw-cap style pin.

If you play lawn games for a wedding, or need to walk around regularly, choose a screw nut pin. These pins are fixed with flat head screws and are the strongest of all styles.

Try showing off your lively side with a butterfly button pin. 

If you want to wear a chic pin, please choose a butterfly button pin. These pins have sharp needles on one end and cup-shaped openings on the other to clamp the needle. The pin is usually small and has the best match with a school badge, flag or other special shape.

Place the pin on the left lapel. 

Place the pin above the left pocket of the suit. After you unscrew or release the parts on the back, place them in a small plate in front of them to avoid loss. If you want to wear a pocket towel, the selected pin should not be covered by a handkerchief.

The lapel pin is usually worn on the left-hand side, just above the wearer's heart.

Put the pin through the Newbutton on the left lapel.

Put the pin of the pin through the new button of the lapel, and the front through the new button, while the pin should remain on the back. When removing the back of the pin, be careful not to stab yourself.

If you don't have a Newhole, go straight through the lapel with a pin.

If your suit doesn't have a Newhole, gently puncture the suit with a pin, tilt slightly, form a proper angle with the lapel, and fix the back. If you're a little nervous about wearing it, ask a more experienced person, or ask a tailor to help you

Put the bottom of the tie bar through the front of the lapel.

If you're wearing a tie bar, take a spot on the back of the lapel and keep the fabric flat between the front of the lapel and the ends of the tie bar. The tie bar should match the angle of the lapel. Carry the stick through the back to the front of the clothes.

Keep the bottom of the tie bar on the front of the lapel.

People thought it more fashionable to wear the bottom of the tie stick to the front of the lapel. For a more traditional or conservative look, leave the bottom of the tie bar on the back of the lapel. Simply leave the bottom of the tie bar back on the other side of the lapel.

If you choose a more conservative style, ask the tailor to sew an inconspicuous small circle on the back of the lapel to fix the pin.

If the pin is a butterfly, magnetic, or screw cap, fix the back.

 Attach the back of the pin to the pin with a screw or clip. The back of the pin should be hidden behind the lapel, with the new button sticking out of the front.

Adjust the pin as needed to align it with the lapel

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