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How men choose belts?

Views: 208     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-04-24      Origin: Site


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How men choose belts?

The belt is well chosen to highlight your taste and temperament, and the belt is not well chosen for a thick rural atmosphere.

We all say that details determine success or failure. For men, the belt, as an object used almost every day in life, this detail a man plays an important role in dressing up. In short, in the modern society, the belt is one of the objects that men can not ignore.

Some men who dress value belts like a woman's lipstick.

1.Notes for beginners to buy a belt

For college students or young people who have just entered the workplace, there is not too much savings, can not be like a variety of big coffee, bosses, different clothes with different belts. At this time to choose a versatile belt is particularly important. The versatile belt can be competent for all kinds of clothes, a variety of occasions, easily for their own image temperament plus points.

First, the style of buckle head can not be too flowery, no matter be modelling or color, should choose the classic buckle head as far as possible. Like a dark pin buckle to hold every scene.

Second, the color of the belt should not be too fried. Black and brown are very good choices.

Third, the buckle head is a big logo or belt covered with logo, this is not recommended, even if you do not lack money, also give a person a feeling of tuhao, for the new person seems a little publicity.

2.How to buy a satisfactory belt?

If you want to choose a satisfactory belt, these you need to know.

The closing mode of the head

Needle buckle: If you are attending a very formal event, you must choose a single needle buckle, no one. Simple and dignified, with a gentlemanly temperament. And the feeling of double needle buckle leisure is more more.

Board buckle: suitable for casual dress up

Automatic buckle: the way of this kind of buckle head suits casual to dress up more. The automatic buckle belt does not need to punch, the back of the belt is the car teeth, the length can be adjusted.

Material of belts

Animal material: general cowhide, pig skin, crocodile skin, generally speaking, the belt price of animal leather is more expensive.

Canvas: the belt of this material is soft and comfortable, is also the first choice of students, single can only match with some casual clothes.

PU (artificial leather): the advantage is bright and diverse colors, low price, disadvantages: poor toughness (except for some advanced production pu belt)

Plastic material: the surface is smooth and bright, and women choose more.

Metal material: strong, women choose as decoration

Size selection

Width: men's belt is mainly concentrated in 2-4cm wide, fat people suggest to choose a 3cm wide belt, this thickness of the belt just shows the visual sense of the figure. More thin and tall people, 4cm wide belt may be a better choice, play to adjust the thin and thin feeling.

Length: The length of the men's belt is mainly between 110-130cm, and some brands have prepared a 150cm belt for larger friends. We all have the experience of buying a belt on the Internet, after getting the belt is relatively most of the long, a lot of people are also hesitant to cut, what kind of a length is the most appropriate. I'll tell you now that the end of the rear belt is suitable between the first trip and the second trip.

Note of the formal belt: the size of the formal belt is generally fixed, the length of the belt can not be cut short and punched, the size of the pants should be determined before buying, the size of the belt is two inches larger than the pants. For example, the size of pants is size 30 and the size of a belt is size 34.

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