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How to buy the length and width of a men's belt?

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How to buy the length and width of a men's belt?

For example, your waist circumference is 87, because after the belt is tied, there is a length, about 15~20cm, so the total length of the belt is about 105~110cm.

Before you buy a belt, first of all, you have to make sure that his pants size is right, if not sure, it is best to measure his actual waist circumference, so as not to buy the belt is too long, modify up time.

How long is the tail of the men's belt?

The belt is a man's face, the belt is a symbol of status, not just to tie the waist, usually tie the belt to pay attention to some small details, such as how long the tail of the man's belt left?

Most people wear belts every day, especially for men. A good belt makes your clothes look more appropriate, but how long is the end of the men's belt? A lot of people have questions, today to tell the man's belt tail left how long good?

Generally, we should choose 15 to 20cm longer than their waist as the men's belt, the extra 15 to 20cm is the length of the tail of the men's belt.

The tail left to the first and second pants trip (pants ear) between the best, generally beyond the first buckle 4~6 cm, so that it will not exceed your original pants on the pants, so that the man's belt is more decent.

If there is a logo at the end of the man's belt, show the logo.

Men's belt belt body width choice

In modern urban life, the belt between men's waist is a way to show men's social status and pressure. Some scholars believe that the belt of modern men is the bow and arrow, sword, abacus and other tools carried on the belt of ancient men, they will put their important things on the waist, is a show the level of individual social status.

Belt is one of the important decorations between men's waist, many people choose belt for men belt width choice, how wide men's belt? Don't know, don't know how wide you should buy. Suitable belt belt.

The width of men's belt belt should be kept at 3cm-4cm cm; too narrow, will lose male masculinity is too wide only suitable for leisure, denim style dress, general pants with about 3.5cm men's belt is more appropriate, more can show man refined and open nature; denim casual pants are more casual at about 4cm.

The choice of men's belt is better or choose a moderate width will be better, such as the normal width of the belt, too wide a bit like a boxer, too thin and with feminine beautiful. So moderate width, 3.5cm-3.8cm or so, both show the man's demeanor and do not lose a kind of sex.(If leisure, also can choose canvas belt, is the vitality of youth leisure

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