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Here is some knowledge about lapel pins

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Here is some knowledge about lapel pins

What can I wear a lapel pin with?

You can wear a lapel pin with almost anything. Traditionally with blazers and suit jackets, but also coats, a tuxedo, or directly on your sweater or shirt. Just don't forget that you'll be piercing the fabric of your clothing, which can leave permanent holes or marks on certain delicate items.

You can combine your lapel pin with other accessories, such as pocket squares or a tie clip. This adds an extra layer of complexity to your outfit in terms of coordinating your pieces so they complement each other, and none of them overwhelm the others.

The best way to do this is first getting an understanding of matching and color theory here, where you'll also find an interactive color wheel that you can play with. Once you've got the basics in place, you can start playing around with your wardrobe.

What kind of lapel pin should I choose?

Again, this is all down to your personal preference, but also your outfit and the occasion.

When it comes to color, style, and size, the rules aren't clear-cut, but there are a few good rules of thumb to keep in mind.

Metal pins: try and match the metal on your outfit, including your lapel pin, cufflinks, tie clip, belt, watch and any rings. So either go all gold, or all silver.

Bright, colorful lapel pins: these usually work better with a neutral shirt so their contrast can work at its best. Just make sure you don't clash with other colors you might be wearing. A basic knowledge of color theory and some common combinations will go far.

Pastel / saturated pins or flowers pins: these are more discreet and work well with other accessories. They also tend to be more playful than bolder pieces. For example, you could mix a light green with a midnight blue suit, especially if there's a touch of metal in the pin. However, even lighter colors should always work with your necktie or pocket square.

Finally, remember that the whole point of dressing is to highlight your own facial and physical attributes. The goal isn't that everyone is staring at your lapel, but that your pin integrates with everything else you're wearing to bring attention to what matters most: your face. If in doubt, remember that less is more: it's better to slightly under-do it than to walk around like a clown.

When should you wear a lapel pin?

Nowadays this is entirely up to you. Whereas some events mandate a lapel pin or boutonniere, either from tradition or a dress code, there are almost no events where you can't wear a lapel pin.

Pay attention to the type of event, however, before choosing which pin you'll wear.

Boutonnieres and flower pins are generally more formal and flashy, but even when dressed down they're best suited for social events. If you want to accessorize in the workplace, consider a more discreet, metallic pin that still catches the eye but is less… flowery.

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