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What's a lapel and How to wear lapel pins?

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What's a lapel and How to wear lapel pins?

In recent years, lapel pins have become more popular. Previously reserved for the most formal occasions, they are now widely worn by elegant men going about their daily lives. As a result of the loosening of the tight restrictions of formal gatherings and the increased risk of seeming unprofessional and forced, the art of wearing them has become more sophisticated. However, when done correctly, the lapel pin is a superb illustration of a detail that can give your ensemble a distinctive flare.

This guide will give you the confidence to wear a lapel pin whenever you choose, and to pull it off without looking silly. So let’s start with the basics.

Forget about the pin,what's a lapel?

Look at any blazer or suit jacket. The folded fabric flaps that run beneath the collar and above the buttons are called lapels.

The upper portion of the left side of most lapels has a buttonhole that can be left open or sewn shut. Your lapel pin should go here.

Originally, the purpose of these buttonholes was to enable you to attach your jacket and keep your neck and chest warm. They have developed over time to be especially designed for the many kinds of lapel pins.

The different types of lapel pins

What is a lapel pin? The phrase is a catch-all that applies to all lapel accessories and enhancements. There are several different types of lapel pins, which differ in terms of their size, fastening, and what they depict.

We've detailed some of the most common below:


The original accessory, a boutonniere is a real flower that sits in the buttonhole, adding an unmissable touch to your jacket. Usually used at weddings.


These pins look like flowers but are made of soft materials like silk, linen, satin, or cotton. They are pinned like boutonnieres, but usually a bit smaller in size and with the advantage of being reusable.


Stick pins are made of various metals (gold, silver, copper, etc.). These pins are shaped like a long, thin needle that pops neatly into a metal fastener. Depending on the model, the fastener sits on the end or can slide up and down, giving you precise control over placement.


These don’t have a stem and attach with a clasp (butterfly, rubber. or magnetic) that goes directly under the badge or pin. They’re mostly commonly made from soft (ridged) or hard (smooth) enamel. Know that whereas a pin is for style, a badge carries symbolic value and is often seen on politicians.


Unlike any of the above, brooches for men's suits fasten with a hinged pin. They’re usually larger than pins and have a precious metal or vintage element.

How to wear lapel pins?

There is just one unbreakable rule regarding lapel pins: Place them about where the buttonhole would be on the collar. That is the left lapel's top portion.

These buttonholes can be found on both lapels of some double-breasted jackets, however, lapel pins should always be positioned on the left.

There is a lot of room for risky experimenting with lapel pins, but bear in mind that this should only be done with the pin itself. If your lapel pin is visible, it should run parallel to it rather than straight up or across. For longer stems, where the improper angle might destroy the aesthetic, this is especially crucial. The side on the left is accurate below.

The pin and fastener can either poke back through the front of the lapel or remain hidden behind it. It’s a matter of preference, based on what you think and feel in terms of your chosen pin/jacket.

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