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A few tie matching tips

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A few tie matching tips

1. You must have a basic white shirt in your wardrobe. Versatile clothes, with different styles of ties, almost no problem.

2. When wearing, you can choose a solid knitted tie or a patterned wool collar. Such a tie will make your clothes look thinner and more casual.

3. Never wear it with a silk or shiny tie, they are too formal to be worn over a casual shirt.

4. Make sure not to use soft and thin trim, or trim with a small pattern, as they will not provide the desired contrast.

5. You can try any style of tie, from rough stripes to delicate geometric figures, or even a herringbone pattern, as long as it is a solid color.

6. If it is a more formal occasion, it is best not to wear the more casual knitted tie. The tie is the highlight of the whole dress, it is like an embellishment!

A few tie matching tips

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