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Your own summer scarf style

Views: 231     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-06-16      Origin: Site


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Your own summer scarf style

A vibrant scarf is one of the most functional items you can have in your wardrobe. It's the easiest way to add a pop of summer to your look, whether you tie it at the top, around your neck, or even through your belt loops. Every collection we create includes a carefully chosen selection of our silk scarves, which have come to represent the Johnny Was ideal of gorgeous, sophisticated, bohemian looks that you may personalize. We've put up a simple tutorial of some of our favorite scarf styles because summer is the perfect season to wear one.

The Ideal Drape

One of the simplest ways to dress up a casual outfit, whether it's a shirt and jeans or you want to add a pop of color to a neutral-hued combination, is to tie a scarf around your neck. Start by folding the scarf in half (creating a triangle), placing the longest point under your chin, then looping the edges around your neck and hanging them loosely over your shoulders to really highlight the color and pattern. The key to making a fashionable print statement is to keep it extremely loose and unstructured. Take a Look: Much of the embroidery is monochromatic, as with the Jeta or Baez Phaedra blouses.

Sleek and stylish

You may also adopt a sleeker style to make a silk scarf your preferred neck-cessary. It's easy to include a touch of prints into a laid-back daytime outfit by styling it in a way that feels like a contemporary throwback to the 1970s. Pick up your preferred scarf and spread it out on the floor. The next step is to fold one corner into the centre and the opposing corner into the middle, creating a hexagon. The same two sides should be folded inward repeatedly until a thin stripe is left. Pick it up, give it a few twists so it lies flat on the neck, and then tie a knot on one side.

Hippy Chic

This stylish topper alludes to both our roots in bohemian and current fashion, which are deeply ingrained in us. Ideal for adding a touch of elegance to an evening or for beach days. Start by creating a triangle by folding your scarf in half on the diagonal. Next, fold the long, straight edge back by about an inch to avoid having too much fabric on your head and to create a nice contrast in the design (as seen on our model). Put the straight edge's center on your forehead, covering your hairline. The central point of the scarf should hang down when you take the ends and tie them behind your head at the base. We love it with some asymmetry so lay all the ends over one shoulder.

Mix, Match, Twist

The simplicity of this outfit definitely makes a statement. This look is stylish with any hairdo, but if your hair is on the longer side, it takes on a classic 1960s mod attitude. First, fold your scarf in half diagonally. Then, roll or fold it starting at the broadest side and moving inward until you have a narrow tube. To assist the scarf stay folded and provide a little more volume at the top, tie a knot in the centre of the tube after rolling it up. Then, just tuck the ends beneath your hair at the nape of your neck.

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