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Tips for Wearing Wool Hats in the Cold Winter

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Tips for Wearing Wool Hats in the Cold Winter

When the weather becomes chilly and you have to go outside, put your hoodie down and grab a chic wool cap instead. Wearing a wool winter hat is not only a great way to keep your head warm, but it's also a simple way to elevate your outfit.

There are a plethora of alternatives available for both men and women when it comes to wool hats, including fedoras, newsboy caps, baseball caps, beanie hats, and top hats. But it might seem a little daunting with so many options.

Check out our carefully chosen collection of the trendiest wool hat styles, complete with styling advice, to avoid spending time combing through the many varieties.

Wool Fedora

A fedora has an enduring and seductive quality. This timeless fashion has captivated the public since the 1889 stage debut of renowned French actress Sarah Bernhardt, who wore a hat with a center crease and a soft brim.

As of right now, it's the perfect addition to any winter outfit that can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. Just wear one on, and you'll definitely draw attention—just like Bernhardt.

We advise wearing a fedora with a medium or wide brim, but if you're thinking about getting a short-brimmed one, make sure you understand the distinction between a fedora and a trilby to avoid any mishaps with fashion.

How to put it on: For an effortlessly stylish modern appearance, add the finishing touches to a fake fur coat or blazer and pair it with a button-down shirt and a wide-brimmed fedora.

Wool Newsboy Cap

It's time to get a newsboy cap if you're looking for a chic accessory that's dressier than a baseball cap but not as formal as a fedora. Newsboy hats, called for the newsboys who wore this rounded, button-top hat type in the early 20th century, are no longer exclusively associated with men; females are also wearing them in style.

To instantly elevate any ensemble, try one in checkered wool or vintage leather. Flat caps are a fantastic alternative to newsboy hats and are frequently mistaken for them.

How to put it on: For a timeless look, pair your newsboy cap with a camel coat, cashmere sweater, long-sleeve shirt, or navy pea coat.

Wool Beanie

Though simple, it's by no means basic. Any time of year, a beanie is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and universally flattering hat types for both men and women. But whether you're hitting the slopes or meandering through the city, a thick wool beanie is a wintertime need. Beanies look fantastic on people with long hair, short hair, straight hair, curly hair, or no hair at all, depending on whether you choose a tight or loose fit!

Since the design of these "sock caps" is so simple, you may experiment with different colors and beanie styles, such as slouchy, cuffed, or pom-poms.

How to put it on: For an effortlessly stylish appearance, team a basic beanie with a sleek leather jacket and a scarf with a vibrant pattern. Check out our article on choosing the best beanies for every season for more stylish outfits with beanies.

Wool Baseball Cap

You probably already own a few baseball caps that you use frequently, but adding a wool baseball cap to your collection is a good idea for winter wear. Even though it might not be as warm as a wool beanie or fur cap, a head covering is still preferable to none at all.

In addition, a baseball cap is one of those hat styles that everyone can wear with little effort, regardless of style—strapback, fitted, or snapback. However, keep in mind that casual does not equate to untidy. Make sure your hat stays clean with these three easy steps.

How to put it on: Wear a bulky parka or other winter garment to keep it casual; just make sure you don't wear it sideways or backwards. You are, after all, an adult.

Wool Top Hat

Men's fashion is witnessing a significant resurgence of the top hat, which is no longer reserved for the equestrian set. Abraham Lincoln toppers of the past have definitely been replaced by this striking headpiece with its characteristic tall crown and slightly curved brim.

From paint-splattered street art styles to slightly shorter versions in various colors, these contemporary designs give bold new takes on time-honored classics. By the way, our guide to the anatomy of a hat will help you brush up on your hat language if you're not familiar with it.

How to put it on: Ditch the tux. Wearing a top hat is a special occasion in and of itself; therefore, you don't need a special occasion to wear one. It defies convention when worn with an all-black outfit consisting of a jacket, T-shirt, pants, and white sneakers for a downtown vibe.

Woolly Paradise

A wool hat is the best accessory to keep your head warm and your look stylish when the winter weather strikes. Numerous selections are available to fit your taste and way of life, ranging from trendy fedoras and top hats to relaxed baseball caps and beanies.

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