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The unique charm of red tie

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The unique charm of red tie

A red tie goes well with a light-colored shirt, and a red tie goes well with a white shirt, a light blue shirt, or a light gray shirt. It is safe to pair a bright red tie with white, and a calm wine red tie with black is also good, suitable for some more formal occasions, and a suit with a dark color is fine.

In fact, it is very safe to match with white. A calm wine red tie is also good with black. It is suitable for some more formal occasions. If you wear a suit with a dark color, it is good. Many business people often wear red ties on the exchange, and famous political figures in the world also wear red ties on important speech occasions.

But it is not recommended that you choose a red tie in your daily activities. Unless you want to be the focus of everyone, please do not use bright red. If you want to look lively and energetic, you can use subtle colors such as wine red to express it. This is really eye-catching. A red tie looks great with a navy, gray, or charcoal suit.

A classic burgundy, this burgundy tie comes in many shades of dark red: cherry, maroon, burgundy, and more. This is an evergreen tree in the tie world, always mature, elegant and authoritative, yet restrained and calm. So this tie often appears in the attire of political circles and entrepreneurs, which also reflects its charm.

The unique charm of red tie

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