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The regular way to tie a suit

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The regular way to tie a suit

In the long evolution of formal wear in formal wear items, tie is still a very important part of men's dress code, which fully demonstrates the richness of men's accessories - calm, gentle and decent, and makes the best image note for the unique and deep inner world of male soil.

Today we introduce the following four carefully organized and commonly used tie tying methods.

Four-handed knot

The four-handed knot is simple to tie, slender and tapered, and can be automatically removed, giving people a sense of straightforwardness, full of male energy and enthusiasm. The four-handed knot is suitable for everyone, especially for men with short necks, and for all styles of shirts and ties.

Half Windsor knot

Half Windsor knot is suitable for medium or slightly thick ties. It looks like a lot of steps, but it is not difficult to do. The half Windsor knot is basically symmetrical, and if tied in the right way, it will form a nice dimple. The half Windsor knot is suitable for most collars and occasions, and is best worn with romantic pointed collars and standard neckline series shirts.


Windsor knot

Windsor knot is a very classic tie tying method, this kind of knot is very full, especially suitable for formal occasions to wear, not often used in daily life. Windsor knot is suitable for wide collar shirts and business and political occasions to wear, not very suitable with narrow collar shirts.


Pratt's knot

The Pratt knot, also known as the Shelby knot, is a symmetrical shape, average size tie knot, easy to learn how to tie, suitable for most people. It is easy to learn and suitable for most people. It is not only delicate and beautiful when finished, but also has one less twist in the tying steps than other ways, which is easy and elegant. Pratt knot is suitable for most shirts and occasions, the disadvantage is that the small collar of the tie faces outward, if not hidden well behind the large collar, the appearance is poor.

Learn to tie a tie, you can.You can experience the fun of different tie tying styles

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