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Several square silk scarves are common for women

Views: 302     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-04-23      Origin: Site


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Several square silk scarves are common for women

1.Small square bib:

All the scarf play, can be extended from this. The entry-level small square tie method is very simple, tied like a baby's bib, so I have the bib knot this lovely name.

In fact, this method is super simple, just square or diamond scarf into a triangle around the neck, and then randomly make a loose knot in the back.

2.Choker Method:

Find a square scarf around the neck twice, and tie a knot on the side. Look for some colorful prints with a plain or black top to go out simply and quickly in a more layered look.

3.Butterfly tie method:

The most common and beautiful one is the bow tie method, which is to make a silk scarf between the neck, which can make your shape full of romantic style and elegant and gentle feminine taste.

4.Double buckle triangle knot:

Expand the silk scarf and fold it into a triangle according to the triangle folding method. After the two ends, hang the scarf in reverse (knot at the back of the neck) on the neck. Finally, the two ends of the neck at the back of the flat tie fixed, adjust the shape of the scarf.

5. Scarf knot: 

After using the basic scarf knot, another step is another change.

6. Around the flower knot: 

Expand the silk scarf, fold it into long strips according to the diagonal folding method, wear it on the neck, and elongate the upper end. Turn the back end into a twist, from top down through the scarf knot. Round the long end of the scarf from the bottom up around the short end, wear up out and then from the top down into the buckle. Finally, pull the scarf knot, pull the short end and the long end out of a radian, and adjust the shape of the scarf.

7. Rosettes:

Expand the scarf and fold the ends in half to the center. The remaining end is folded in half toward the center, and one end is empty. Select one side and start rolling into a cylinder. Adjust the rolled scarf, then wear the scarf on the neck, tie a knot in the front, and adjust the shape of the scarf.

8. Mature necklace scarf:

Tie a thin scarf around your neck and tie it. Put the scarf around the knot until it becomes shorter, hide the rest of the short scarf at the end, as long as the connection point, will give the impression of maturity.

Sometimes you will find that, rather than exhausted the search of all kinds of beautiful clothes and collocation rules, is not as good as a delicate small accessories come wonderful, come brilliant. A good-looking silk scarf can save your wardrobe of all kinds of clothing, gently put on the neck is very good-looking, eye degree 200 percent.

When you match white T, shirt, suit feel monotonous and boring, when you want to brush a wave of presence in the crowd, show personality, this recognizable scarf will come in handy, simple draw a light makeup, eyes like a star, if face as firm, even if a face, also give a person a sense of fresh side.

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