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Which Should a Groom Wear—a Tie or a Bow Tie?

The trip down the aisle is not as long as your wedding day. It starts the moment you become engaged and involves a lot of choices along the way.Among the most significant ones? deciding on your outfit for the celebration of your life's love.One of the most frequent mistakes made by males is choosing

Necktie Maintenance: How to Clean and Store Them

A necktie is a necessary piece of clothing that may finish off any formal or business attire. On the other hand, poor upkeep and handling can lead to neckties getting wrinkly, discolored, or even broken, which will affect both how they look and work. You should know how to wash and preserve your nec

Fashionable Pairing of Ties for Men in Autumn and Winter.jpg
Fashionable Pairing of Ties for Men in Autumn and Winter

As the autumn atmosphere grows stronger, the tie is an indispensable part of selecting a suit. Even if the suit is crisp, the shirt is of high quality, and the leather shoes are shiny, if the tie is improperly matched, the overall impression will certainly be greatly discounted. Yiwei suggests that