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Six modern looks to try when wearing a blanket scarf

Last but not least, pairing a black scarf with textured clothing and accessories is a fantastic method to keep things fresh. The likelihood is that everything you already own has some sort of texture if it is a bulky knit.Simply dress it up even more by pairing it with items like a black satin top, a black leather jacket, a black patent leather bag, a black metallic sweater, or a velvet blouse.Naturally, you could also attempt wearing it with a fur vest.

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12 Chic and Ingenious Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf

You can still wear your preferred neck warmer even though it's summer. A scarf is a multipurpose accessory that will do many things for you. Of course, it's crucial to remember that scarves made of heavier materials or thick knits should be avoided in warmer temperatures. For summer, a lightweight extra is the best option. Pick one that is made of a natural material like cotton, rayon, or linen and is cool to the touch. There is no issue if you wish to make a silk scarf. Just be sure it's made of real silk rather than polyester textiles that mimic silk. Once you've organized your summer scarves, try the following to make the most of them