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Woven Floral Microfiber Neck Tie.jpg
Different types of floral ties

Different types of floral tiesOne of the most traditional presents for men are ties. No matter who you're buying for, a fashionable, well-made necktie is always a good choice. But the last thing you want to do is to give your loved one yet another boring, solid-colored tie. Give your favorite guy a

How to clean a dirty tie?

How to clean a dirty tieTies Made Of Polyester And Polyester MicrofiberPolyester and polyester microfiber ties are made of comparable materials, with the latter being a little tougher fabric. Fortunately, both fabrics may be cleaned at home; dry cleaning is not necessary. Here is the approach we per

Men Cotton Printing Tie.jpg
How and when to wear printed silk ties?

Conventional wisdom that the necktie is suited (no pun intended!) to stuffy elites has recently been thrown out the window, with more and more aspiring dapper gentlemen from all walks of life experimenting with their wardrobes and sense of style. While it is certainly true that certain patterns, suc

Different countries' necktie designs.jpg
The evolution of men's neckties

The evolution of men's necktiesMillions of people wear them throughout the world, whether they’re going to work or church, or any other number of reasons. But why? You might think, ‘well, it allows men to express themselves’, or ‘people need a way to dress more formal’. You wouldn’t be wrong, but th

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A complete color guide for shirt and tie combinations

THE COMPLETE COLOR GUIDE TO SHIRT AND TIE COMBINATIONSAccording to recent surveys, the average man owns about 7 ties. Depending on the kind of work you do, that may either sound like a lot or far too few. But no matter how many ties you own, it’s important to know how to wear it effectively. A tie t