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Tie Length: How Long Should a Tie Be?

Why is Tie Length Important?The development of men's fashion and societal conventions are intimately correlated with the history of tie length. Gaining a polished and attractive appearance is made possible by understanding the relevance of tie length.Although the modern necktie has roots in ancient

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9 Fantastic Ways to Reuse Old Ties

An excess of neckties is one of the consequences of our more casual workplace. Any decent-sized thrift store will have entire nests of vibrant old ties twisted and coiled inside bins and strung through hooks. Studying them is like taking a fashion and style history lesson. They are available in slim

5 ways to tie your necktie to your suit

The tie is a sometimes forgotten component of dressing up that can turn an average clothing into something special. Incorporating your suit, shirt, and accessories with the right tie will give you that extra bit of flair and sophistication. But how can you be sure that your tie matches your suit per

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5 ways to reuse your old tie

Are you contemplating what to do with that assortment of vintage ties stashed in your closet? Why not look into their possibilities for repurposing and give them a new lease on life instead of leaving them untouched? We'll show you five inventive and resourceful ways to reuse old ties in this blog p