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Must-see tie rules for men

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Must-see tie rules for men

A tie represents a person's personality and taste, so when matching a tie, it must be the same color as the suit, so that there will be a sense of coordination. Today we will teach you some ties commonly used in life.

color system.

It is generally divided into five categories: cool-colored ties always make people feel calm and solemn; warm-colored ties make people feel warm and passionate; bright ties make people look lively and energetic; dark-colored ties look solemn, Serious; black ties are often reserved for occasions such as condolences, mourning, or funerals.

Twill tie.

This type of tie can make you appear calm, mature and wise, and is usually used in slightly formal occasions such as negotiations, sales promotion, meetings or speeches.

Checkered bow tie.

This kind of tie gives people the feeling of regularity and will not make people feel obtrusive. It is very suitable for meeting with seniors or superiors for the first time.

Floral bow tie.

This type of tie can make people feel warm and bright, and can make people feel approachable, so using this type of tie on a first date can make people more willing to get to know each other.

There are irregular patterns on the tie.

This type of tie can make people feel individuality and vitality. It's a great choice at a banquet, reception, or dinner with friends.

Must-see tie rules for men

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