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How to wash silk ties?

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How to wash silk ties?

Core tips: Silk material is difficult to clean clothing, need to be very careful. So how to wash silk ties? How to do after the tie is washed and deformed? How to wash silk ties: Ties get dirty easily after a period of time. They should not be washed by sailors or washing machines. They should be sent to dry cleaners and washed by professional laundry.

Clothes made of silk are difficult to clean and require great care. So how do you wash silk ties? How to do after the tie is washed and deformed?

How to wash silk ties.

Ties are easy to get dirty after using them for a while. They should not be washed by sailors or washing machines. They should be sent to a dry cleaner and cleaned by a professional laundry. Otherwise, they will fade and shrink, producing a wrinkled look. If they are not too dirty, you can do it yourself.

One is wet cleaning. The second is dry cleaning.

1. Wet cleaning ties

Method one

You can soak the tie in about 30 minutes of warm soapy water for 1-3 minutes, and use a brush to gently brush along the grain of the tie. Don't brush hard and don't rub randomly. Rinse well with 30 water after washing. Then iron as above. If the washed tie is deformed, you can remove the stitching at the back of the tie, iron the fabric and lining of the tie, and sew it up as it is.

Method 2

Place the tie on a paper template, scrub it with a soft brush or foam dipped in a little diluted detergent, then wipe off the foam with a dry towel, and then scrub it with a clean wet towel.

2. Dry clean the tie

Method one

You can take a cotton ball dipped in a little alcohol or gasoline, gently wipe to remove stains, and then spread a wet white cloth on top, use an iron to iron. Ironing temperature depends on the material used in the tie. The ironing temperature of chemical fiber fabric should not be too high (below 70); the temperature of silk can be higher (below 170).

Method 2

Dip a soft brush into a little gasoline, brush the dirty spots along the tie fabric in the direction of warp and weft, wait for the gasoline smell to evaporate, then wipe gently with a clean wet towel a few times.

You can make a model according to the size of the tie with adhesive paper or thin plywood, put the tie on the model, and gently brush the tie with a soft brush dipped in detergent. Then rinse well with water (be sure to wash well). After washing and drying for a while, you can use a wet white cloth for the lining and iron it flat. The model can then be removed. This way the tie will not be deformed and flat as new.

How to deal with the deformed tie after washing.

1. Roll the tie tightly on the wall of a cup of water filled with hot water. The heat will make the folds of the tie disappear slowly.

2. Roll the tie on a beer bottle, and when you use it again the next day, the original wrinkles will be eliminated.

3. Hang the tie for a period of time to make most of the slight wrinkles disappear.

4. Roll the tie into a roll, flattening the folds in the process, then put the whole roll on a flat surface (such as a table) for a while, and hang it for a while, you will find the folds on the tie have disappeared.

5. Use an iron.

Well, this is the end of the introduction of the tie. Remember, you can use a cup of hot water to remove the wrinkles when it is deformed.

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