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How to use suspenders?

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How to use suspenders?

Generally speaking, a harness is more practical than a belt. But although the harness is easy to use, but want to wear safe and close-fitting, not sliding down from the shoulder, there are still some methods and precautions. In addition, the strap is suitable for what clothes to think clearly.

Put the straps on

1.Choose a suitable harness.

Generally everyone will choose to use the buttons of the strap, appear to have more professional style. Of course, there are two types: y and x. The Y-shaped strap is "y" on your back, and the x-shaped strap is "x" on your back. Generally speaking, the x-shaped strap is better because the left and right width can be adjusted. But there's little difference. Once these two straps are worn, they can lift the pants and don't slip off the shoulders. Of course you can buy a aps with an iron clip, but the ones may not look formal and can cause pants over time wear and tear. But if you don't have a button eye in your pants, that's the only one.

2.Tie the strap on the back of the pants first.

Keep the strap up with the pants. The point where the y-strap holds the pants, and the point where the x-strap crosses, should align the middle seam at the back of the pants. The front two straps of the y-shaped strap should be fixed in the front of the first pair of pants. The x-shaped strap can be fixed on the two innermost pants, or a little farther side, the distance is about a third of your pants waistline. Anyway, the distance is larger, the fixation will be very good. Tie the strap before you wear your pants, otherwise it's hard to tie.

3.Put on your pants and lift them as high as possible.

Note that the strap is suitable for high-waisted pants, the belt is suitable for low-waisted pants, but the belt is bad for the stomach. So the overalls are usually designed to have a high waist.

4.Do not wear a belt.

With a belt. gild the lily. Moreover, the overalls and the belt, also does not meet the requirements of etiquette.

5.Cross the strap on the back.

The X-shaped strap is a cross on the back, while the y-shaped strap is a one-shaped before the fork across the shoulder. The point where the x-shaped strap crosses should be in the middle or down of your back. If not, remember to adjust it again. The point of the y-shaped strap fork should be right in the middle of your back, too low to slip off the shoulder, you wear, not very good, adjust again.

6.The strap should be straight down on the chest.

No matter what kind of harness, over to the chest, should be two straight parallel lines.# * The distance between the front two buttons of the strap should be slightly wider than the back.

7.Hold the straps and the front of the pants.

Whether it's a button or a clip, fasten, note that the two strips match the pants. See where is not appropriate to adjust again, get comfortable still have to fix firmly.

Men's strap matching method

The outside jacket is the most exquisite way to wear. If you're at work, or for special events, it's best to wear a jacket or vest outside your overalls. It is generally believed that suspenders can only base, not exposed. Although it seems not too particular now, but to participate in business negotiations or important activities, or to obey. The standard strap can make up a suit: a suit, trousers, plus a particular shirt. With the vest in the suit, that will make you more classy, but if it's normal work, it's a bit too formal. Finally, pair it with a pair of regular leather shoes.

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