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How to match different bow ties with a suit?

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How to match different bow ties with a suit?

In general, the final step for men to complete their overall look is to choose a matching tie or bow tie. Compared to ties, bow ties are more formal. In the past, bow ties were often associated with being too formal or old-fashioned. Gentleman etiquette expert K.Cooper Ray describes them as "not old-fashioned, but classic. Old fashion is making a comeback and once you get used to it, you will find that it is more practical and easier to wear than a tie." As one of the essential accessories for men wearing suits in formal occasions, bow ties not only represent gentlemanly temperament but also witness taste, even more eye-catching than ties.

Classic Style:

Appropriate and tasteful fashion is the most enduring. It's important to remember that aggressive fashion is ultimately short-lived. Therefore, it's recommended that you start with the most common and basic style: the classic knot. It's also known as the standard bow tie and fits most men. It's understated yet dignified, with a width between 5.5-7 centimeters which is close to most men's face width.

Modern Style:

Once you have become accustomed to and enamored with the refined and sophisticated quality of wearing a necktie, perhaps it is time to upgrade your taste and style to a higher level. In semi-formal attire, you can try different patterns and textures. Materials, styles, and varying colors can all have a wonderful effect. Velvet and coarse tweed textures are fashionable and interesting for neckties, and you can also try diamond-shaped knots or oversized knots in addition to the traditional bow tie.

The diamond-shaped knot, also known as the diamond knot, resembles a diamond in shape and looks very delicate. It is most suitable for pairing with retro fabrics such as tweed or wool suits. The oversized knot is basically an enlarged version of the classic knot, but its shape is wider and fuller. It is also a traditional style that is more suitable for old-fashioned gentlemen.

Fashionable Style:

The era when men dressed in three-piece suits like in "Mad Men" has passed, and neckties are no longer just accessories for formal wear. Compared to formal occasions, there are more diverse elements that you can add to your daily attire. Therefore, you can clash the colors of your necktie with your clothing or unify them into one style, or deliberately create contrast. For example, new designs full of personality and creativity such as polka dots, foulards, motifs, etc.

How to match different bow ties with a suit

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