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How to make a man's suit look more impressive?

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How to make a man's suit look more impressive?

The relationship between men and ties is inseparable, and a successful man always needs the embellishment of a tie. Although it is a small accessory, it is this little trick that brings visual impact to people. So how can we make a man's suit look more impressive through the choice of a tie? Let's take a look together.

Choice of tie:


For formal ties, it is generally advisable to use materials such as silk and pure wool, and avoid choosing ties made of cotton, linen, velvet, leather or other materials.

Pattern (color, design):

The pattern of the tie can be selected according to the color of the shirt and the occasion. You can choose a tie in the same color as the suit, such as wearing a blue tie with a blue suit or wearing a gray tie with a gray suit.

In terms of color, generally choose solid colored or dark floral ties. Multi-colored ties should not have more than three colors. Avoid using overly eye-catching or flashy ties; try not to choose light-colored or bright-colored ties. You can also choose purple-red ties for their dignified yet passionate appearance.

Regarding patterns, ties should adhere to basic principles of being dignified, elegant and conservative. Generally choose solid colored without patterns or dark floral or geometric patterns such as dots or stripes. The pattern should match the color of the suit.


Formal suits should not be paired with simple style ties (such as clip-on ties).


The appearance should be aesthetically pleasing, smooth, without any snags or blemishes, and the lining material should not deform. It should drape nicely and have a relatively heavy weight.

Types of Ties:

There are many types of ties, broadly divided into two categories: regular ties and unconventional ties. Regular ties include Windsor knots and square-end ties; unconventional ties include ascots, bolo ties, and loop-and-bar ties. Ties can also be categorized by their materials such as woolen, silk, leather or synthetic fibers. In terms of patterns, there are small floral patterns, striped patterns, dotted patterns, patterned designs, striped patterned designs and antique satin floral patterns.

(Note: I made some assumptions about the type of tie mentioned in the first sentence based on context.)

How to make a man's suit look more impressive

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