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How to Dress for a Floral Tie?

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How to Dress for a Floral Tie?

Let's now discuss how to wear the flowery tie. It's important to keep the rest of your clothing basic when wearing a flowery tie. (In a manner similar to how a paisley tie might be worn.) If you've never worn flowers before, wear your flowery tie with solid-colored, neutral-colored apparel. Depending on the shade of your tie, a white dress shirt should be worn with a suit or pants in either blue, gray, tan, or black.

Try incorporating more color into the rest of your wardrobe as you begin to get the hang of wearing flowery ties. Solid light blue dress shirts make a striking contrast when worn with a burgundy floral tie and blue floral ties.

You may pair some modest designs with flowery ties. A flowery tie might look fantastic with a dress that has vertical stripes. The stripes should remain narrow, like a pencil stripe. It should also have stripes on the collar. (Occasionally, solid-colored collars on striped dress shirts are too much for a flowery tie.) Seek out dress shirts with striped backgrounds that are white with blue or gray accents.

Additionally, flowery ties look fantastic with dress shirts with little polka dots. Similar advice applies to this outfit as it does to the striped dress shirt. Retain the polka dots in muted hues. navy blue, gray, or black.

Now that you have your main clothing pieces selected, let's take a look at how to wear your floral tie, and which accessories to add. 

Here are five ways to wear a floral tie

1.Floral Tie Only

Start off slowly if you're wearing a flowery tie for the first time. Find a wonderful flowery tie you like, then start wearing it with those items of clothes that are neutral in color. No accessories, such as a pocket square, are currently required. Once you feel at ease with the design, consider dressing up your clothing with a pocket square. (See underneath.)

2.Floral Tie and Matching Pocket Square

If one is available, pair your flowery tie with a matching pocket square to take it to the next level. This is an extremely polished appearance that is typically used for formal occasions like weddings. In more informal or professional settings, you can also wear a flowery tie and pocket square that coordinate. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and neutral if you're wearing this much flowery, though.

3.Floral Tie And Solid Or Tipped Pocket Square

Try a pocket square with a complementary solid color or colored tipping if you want one that doesn't match your tie. The color of the pocket square (or tipping) can either complement the flowery print's prevailing hue, contrast with it, or offer a flash of color. These possibilities are all gorgeous.

4.Solid Tie And Floral Pocket Square

It's cool if you're not quite ready to don a flowery tie. Consider pairing a flowery pocket square with a textured or solid-colored tie in a complementary hue. (Or even with no tie.) Even more subtly flowery hints growing from your lapel pocket than from your tie. Don't be shocked, though, if a lot of people compliment your pocket square. When the compliments start pouring in, you might be ready to experiment with a flowery tie.

5.Combine floral and pattern pocket squares and ties

Fair warning, this is not for the floral tie newbie. Floral ties can be worn with other pattern pocket squares, and vice versa. Done right, this look is stunning. 5 stars. Dressed to the nines. On the flip side, put this together wrong and you’re going to look like a clown. Here’s how to try this look:

Two Different Florals:

You may combine two different flower motifs. (Absurd, right?) The secret is to choose two flowers that go well together. Similar colors but varied flower sizes, the same design in various hues, etc. The design on your tie should be the most striking of the two. This can be the more vivid hue or the design with a greater size. Just watch out for clashes. A Hawaiian flowery tie will not match a burgundy floral tie from the fall.

Floral Tie And Low-Key Pattern Pocket Square:

There are two methods to combine flowers and patterns in clothing. Starting with the simpler of the two, let's. Keep the flowery design on your tie and choose a pocket square with a subtle pattern like a check or little polka dot. Choose a pattern pocket square that is not the primary color of your tie for this to function best. Instead, pick one or two of the tie's less prominent colors. These colors will really stand out in the pocket square and give your tie additional depth.

Floral Tie And Bold Pattern Pocket Square:

This one isn't for everyone, though. Here, as opposed to option b, you want your pocket square to match the boldness of your tie. Wearing a flowery tie with no more than two colors on top is crucial. Your tie's print may be rather huge. In fact, you want it to be enormous since the whole design is striking. Choose a pocket square design that contrasts with your tie at this point. A pocket square with a rich orange design will stand out especially well if your tie is navy blue and white. Again, this style is not for the timid, but it may look fantastic when executed properly.

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