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How to choose a men's tie?

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How to choose a men's tie?

Different occasions call for different styles of ties, such as knitted ties, woolen fabric ties, classic silk ties, and ties with striped, jacquard, or polka dot patterns. For example, traditional plaid patterns are suitable for office wear, brown ties are good for dates, solid or striped ties are appropriate for business occasions, and vintage or bold ties can be worn on the street.

Wearing a tie or bow tie is necessary when men attend formal occasions in suits.

When choosing a tie to match with a suit, striped patterns are more business-like and suitable for navy blue and white formal wear. Although paisley patterns with a mysterious touch are not commonly used, they can test one's personal temperament and dressing skills. If matched well, they can look very stylish and trendy.

If one desires to quickly match a suit and tie appropriately, it is best to choose the tie color based on the color of the suit.

For example, a black suit should be paired with a black tie, while a blue suit should be paired with a dark-colored tie. Solid-colored ties can be paired with many different suits. If one is unsure of how to select a tie, they can visit a suit store where salespeople can professionally assist in selecting a suitable tie.

When selecting and matching ties, men should consider their body type.

The length of the tie after it is tied should extend past the waistline. If it is too short, it will appear awkwardly elevated, and if it is too long, it will look untidy. When tying the knot, make sure to tighten it slightly and avoid leaving any gaps between the tie and shirt collar; otherwise, the overall look will appear sloppy. For men who are selecting ties for the first time, it is best to avoid overly flashy designs and opt for understated and dignified solid-colored ties to ensure an appropriate appearance.

How to choose a men's tie

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