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How should a blue shirt be matched?

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How should a blue shirt be matched?

A blue shirt is a basic item to match, but you have to carefully consider which color, style, and pattern to match with a tie. A tie that matches a blue shirt on different occasions will give people a different feeling. So, do you know how to match decently and temperamentally?

1. A blue shirt with a striped tie of the same color

The stripes of the same color are calm and atmospheric, and have a retro feeling. Compared with solid colors, they have a different charm, and the elements of the stripes have a gradient but not monotonous feeling. Every gesture can easily show the delicate details in the formal dress.

2. Blue shirt with dark tie

First of all, according to the principle of color matching, since we wear a dark coat outside and a light blue shirt inside, we should choose a dark tie for a tie, which is a good match. Then, if you want to choose a dark tie, for men who have just entered the workplace and wear a light blue shirt for the first time, "black tie" is one of the best conservative collocations, and brown is also a good collocation.

3. A blue shirt with a more conspicuous tie

The mustard yellow and dark red ties in contrasting colors are highly conspicuous and match well with the blue shirt, but remember a principle: the color of the tie must be darker than that of the shirt. Even red and yellow ties should be darker.

You can choose to match it on different occasions. One thing to pay attention to is that you must look clean, generous and decent. Remember three points to match your tie so that it is not easy to make mistakes!

How should a blue shirt be matched

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