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Here are some ways to match different ties with shirts

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Here are some ways to match different ties with shirts

1. A camel-colored pinstripe shirt with a blue plaid tie.

In addition to plain shirts, pinstripe shirts are a style worth considering for office workers. Through the decoration of the stripes, they also have the effect of elongating the body shape. The contrast between the camel-colored pinstripe shirt and the blue plaid tie helps to highlight your personal style.

2. A light blue shirt with a diagonal striped tie.

Blue shirts are a style favored by many men. Through the use of softer colors, a touch of light blue can break down some serious atmosphere. Pairing it with a tie in a similar color scheme creates a simple yet elegant look.

3. A white shirt with a dark blue checkered tie.

A simple white shirt is beloved by men, and pairing it with a patterned tie prevents it from looking too plain. By creating variation through the pattern on the tie, even a plain white shirt can have an interesting visual effect.

4、Coffee colored shirt, square checkered tie

The muted hue of coffee has become a prevalent color choice in recent years. Coordinating a tie in the same tone effortlessly conveys a stylish demeanor for men, showcasing a distinct taste that sets them apart from others.

5、Grey shirt, square check tie

The subdued hue of gray is a crucial aspect of men's dress shirts. This medium tone exudes an air of professionalism and sophistication. When paired with a square-patterned tie, even the most basic ensemble can be elevated to a sartorial masterpiece.

6、Blue striped shirt, twill tie

The fine pencil-thin stripes and the dignified, comfortable blue hue, paired with a contrasting pink tie, make for a bold yet tasteful combination that is sure to turn heads and earn admiration from your colleagues in the office.

To choose the right tie color, it is essential to consider the color of your shirt. This will allow you to exude masculine elegance and showcase your charm.

Here are some ways to match different ties with shirts

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