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Handle your pocket squares properly

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Handle your pocket squares properly

How to clean pocket squares

Always keep in mind the fabric type of your pocket square, whether it be wool, cotton, polyester, silk, or linen, when cleaning it. Following are some distinct handling techniques for various materials.


Cleaning up after linen is simple. You may wash colored linen fabrics at 104°F and plain linen fabrics at 140°F. However, avoid putting them in the dryer. Always air dry them, but if they become wrinkled, use a hot iron with a lot of steam.


Cotton squares can be handled in the same way because they are quite simple to maintain. You can dry them off once you've cleaned them. Unless we're talking about colored pocket squares, another benefit of cotton is that you can always use the bleach solution to get rid of stubborn stains. Use bleach sparingly in that situation. Wrinkles can be reduced by using a hot iron.


A great deal of caution is necessary when dealing with silk squares. Given that silk is so delicate, machine washing and drying present a number of difficulties that must be overcome. The best course of action is to have a dry cleaner wash them.

If you insist on cleaning everything yourself, wash the squares by hand in cold water. All you need is a towel to dry. Inside the towel, roll them slowly and push. Then you can spread them out away from direct sunshine. Put a piece of fabric on top of the silk square and iron it to remove the wrinkles.


Polyester is the fourth type of square cloth you may have. You may machine wash, tumble dry, hand wash, and air dry the material as you see fit because of its strength and practicality. The sole restriction is that polyester squares should only be washed at low temperatures and without bleach to prevent shrinkage. Heat is also suitable for ironing.


Last but not least, wool squares can be cleaned at 140°F and colored squares at 104°F. They should not be dried in a dryer. Always let them air dry before ironing at a moderate temperature.

Suggestions for keeping your pocket square steady

If you recently purchased the pocket square or are attending a highly important function, it might be very aggravating when the pocket square keeps slipping into your jacket breast pocket.

You can take some steps to make sure that this never occurs again. Top three are as follows:

Adjust the length: Before doing anything else, measure the length of the fold. Ensure that the length is adjusted by folding the pocket square more closely toward its base until its bottom contacts the bottom of your pocket.

Again, by adjusting the width, you can prevent your pocket square from slipping. The spread can be made larger so that it will fit at the pocket's opening exactly.

If neither of your solutions work, perhaps you should purchase a fitted suit. Get rid of that baggy suit that causes the pocket square to fall out of place if you want to know the trick.

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