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Best Wedding Tie: knitted tie

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Best Wedding Tie: knitted tie

Your favorite warm cardigan—that timeless garment with the leather elbow patches and a manly row of buttons down the front—probably comes to mind when you think of knits.

Knitted materials have historically been associated more with lounging on the couch than with elegance. But the knit tie alters everything.

This accessory, which comes in a variety of hues, designs, and textures, is swiftly rising to the top of the list of the hottest fads to hit the wedding industry in recent years. This versatile item has been missing from your closet all season, working equally well with jeans and a blazer as it does with a tuxedo.

Are you prepared to give your most formal clothes a daring twist?

Today, we'll explain why knitted ties are appropriate and how to wear one on your wedding day with confidence.

Selecting the Proper Width

When looking for a silk tie, you'll discover that there are numerous options available in terms of width. Everything from ultra-wide contemporary patterns to retro hipster skinny ties is available to suit different fashion tastes.

Knitted ties offer an exception to this. Just.5 inches thinner than a three-inch business tie, these look their finest at 2.5 inches broad.

Why does this specific width function? It is what lends this particular tie its adored, all-encompassing charm. It's neither too wide to be casual, nor is it too narrow to be professional. It is a fantastic investment for any season because it perfectly balances each style.

Your suit coat will appear completely at home at your wedding as long as the lapels are the same width. After the event is complete, you can continue wearing your tie frequently. It's the classic finishing touch you need to upgrade any ensemble, whether it's dressed up or down.

Making a Knot

Recall the fundamental four-in-hand knot you learnt to tie in first grade when you first started tying ties? Use it for your knit tie and stick to the fundamentals here.

Knitted ties differ from their silk or cotton cousins in this regard as well. You can tie many various types of knots with other ties, including the half-windsor knot and bow tie knot, among others.

While such are interesting to try, the too thick fabric may make your knit tie appear too bulky. Your tie will look better with a basic knot that doesn't hide any of its distinctive characteristics.

Why Your Collar Is Important

Both button-down and straight collars are probably already in your collection. Both of these have a spread that is appropriate for a knitted tie because it is not too wide. You want a collar that will complement your tie and make it stand out.

Cutaway collars or spread collars should generally be avoided because they may not properly highlight your new item. This makes them a perfect choice because narrower collars are typically better suited for formal attire.

The New Formal is Flat

A knit tie's distinctive flat bottom is another characteristic that sets it apart. Contrast this to silk ties, which often have a point at the end.

A knitted tie may initially appear to be less formal due to its smooth, flat edge. This is true to a certain extent. These ties look fantastic with more relaxed separates, like a pair of khaki pants or stylish denim. However, because of their inviting and opulent appearance, they are swiftly taking center stage at the alter.

Even though some knit ties have pointed bottoms, most of them lack the same "cool" vibe as those with flat bottoms. Keep in mind that you are attempting this new look in order to be noticed and make an impact. Better to go all-out and rock the look completely!

We do advise adhering to one customary guideline. The top of your waistline should still be touched by the flat bottom of your knit tie, just like with a pointed tie.

Making a Shade Decision

You might be unsure about which knitted tie to choose for your occasion because there are so many variations of color available. Which direction should you take: somber and dark or cheery and bright?

Of course, the hues of your wedding will probably influence your final decision. But when selecting a knit tie for every day use, we advise letting the time of year be your guide.

When summer gives way to autumn and the leaves start to fall from the trees, a dark brown one will look fantastic. Another excellent dark plum that works nicely into winter is our knitted purple tie. Bright pinks and greens are a little more permissible in the spring and summer. If you want the ideal flash of color, try our knitted dijon tie.

Bringing Everything Together

You want to look and feel your best when you meet your significant other at the altar. To look put together and fashionable with the rest of your wedding party, you want your tie to seamlessly complement your lapel pin and handkerchief.

Why not get your knit tie as part of a matching set in that case?

Choosing individual accessories is simplified with our Knitted OD Tie Set. In this manner, you may be confident that your puzzle parts will always fit together perfectly. The matching lapel pin and flowering camellia pocket square go wonderfully with the forest green color, which is universally pleasing.

Accepting the Trend for Knitted Ties

While some wedding trends may come and go, the knitted tie is timeless. This unique take on conventional neckwear is striking and unique, making it ideal for any special occasion.

The day of your wedding is the ideal occasion to unveil this style. Whatever color scheme you want, we have it covered in our online store. Browse our entire selection of knit ties as well as our other Gentleman Sets at your leisure. Feel free to contact our staff if you have any questions or need some style ideas.

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