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About the tie color learning

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About the tie color learning

The color of the tie should be based on the color and pattern of the suit and shirt, and must be done until the color shades are appropriate, and the cold and warm tones are appropriate.

Shades of appropriate, that is, the suit's large area of color is the main, the tie's small area to complement each other, embellishment, decoration. If the suit is dark, the tone of the tie can be lighter; suit such as light or gray, the tie is available in darker shades.

Cold and warm tones are appropriate, that is, the suit and tie cold and warm colors to strive to coordinate. For example, the light gray suit available cold warm intersecting dark heavy color tie; wear blue suit available purple and black stripes, dark dot pattern tie; black suit available red and white diagonal stripes, teal suit can be matched with the silver and gray background diagonal stripes of the tie.

Generally speaking, the number of ties should be more than the number of suits, a suit can be prepared three to four ties, so that even if the suit is not often replaced, and the frequent changes in the tie, can also give people a new look.

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