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A Useful Guide On Measuring Belt Size For The Ideal Fit

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A Useful Guide On Measuring Belt Size For The Ideal Fit

You're not alone if you've ever wondered what size belt you should wear. Although belts are a necessary piece of apparel, it can be difficult to locate a belt that fits well. An incorrectly sized leather belt can ruin the look of your ensemble or make the day quite unpleasant. Measuring yourself before you buy is the best method to ensure a flawless fit. We'll walk you through the entire process of measuring for a new leather belt in this blog article, so you won't be caught off guard when your custom belt is delivered.

TLDR: To ensure the ideal belt fit, measure yourself every time. Invest on belts that fit you in the middle. Belt size equals pants size. Belt size can occasionally equal pant size plus two inches, but measuring your waist is the most accurate method to determine belt size.

Pant Sizes And Belt Sizes Are Not The Same

You are not a belt size according to your pant size.The assumption that one's belt size corresponds to the letter or number size of one's existing belt or trouser size is the most common mistake people make when purchasing a new belt. This assumption can be costly. This is not the case the majority of the time due to the fact that modern clothing is constructed out of fabrics that stretch and distort with the passage of time and that manufacturers commonly use vanity sizing when selecting the size of trousers.

Which Belt Size Should I Order?

When deciding what size belt you need, a good rule of thumb to follow is that the size of your belt should be equal to the size of your men's jeans, plus two inches. This will ensure that the belt fits properly.

Men's Pant Size + 2 Inches = Belt Size

Branded Leather Belts for Men

To find your belt size, simply add two to your pant size. Purchase a belt size 34 if your pants size is 32. Purchase a belt size 36 if your pants size is 34; if your pants size is 36, purchase a belt size 38, and so on. To allow for potential size fluctuations in the event that your body size fluctuates, it is recommended to purchase a belt size larger than your pants size.

Due to the wide variations in sizing among clothing brands, we no longer advise relying solely on that straightforward technique to determine belt size. Measuring oneself before buying a new belt is always a better technique to determine your belt size.Recall that while new leather belts usually fit snugly at first, they will eventually soften and conform to your body. The ideal belt size slides into the middle hole with ease, and there are extra holes in case your waist size changes.

How To Use A Tape Measure To Measure Belt Size?

Tools: cloth measuring tape, your desired belt-matching ensemble (dress, jeans, etc.), optional mirror

Step 1: Put on your preferred attire so that it complements your new belt. If you normally tuck in your shirt, pull your pants up to the height you normally wear them to.

Step 2: Insert the fabric tape measure, as illustrated in the image, through the belt loops of your pants. Measure at your natural waistline or at the height at which you would normally wear the belt if you want a hip or waist belt.You may wear our belts with anything, including dresses, kilts, and jeans. Take measurements for the belt's intended wear. Measure where your natural waistline is, for instance, if that's where you wear it. Measure through the belt loops of pants if wearing it on your hips.

Step 3: Squeeze the tape measure tightly, but not too tightly. To the closest quarter inch, record your measurement. Accurate measurements are crucial, so seek assistance from a friend or a mirror if necessary.

Step 4: Refer to the belt sizing guide.

There is a range of belt sizes from the tightest to the loosest that can be worn. Select the one where your measurement falls between the two. Our aim is to fit you into one of the two center belt holes and have you start out snug in your belt. For instance, get a size 36 belt if your waist measurement is 37.25 inches.

How A Custom Belt Size Is Ordered?

If you are looking for an especially accurate fit but are unable to find your size in our size charts, we are able to produce a custom size that is tailored to your unique needs. Be sure to measure to the nearest quarter of an inch rather than the nearest inch for accuracy when taking measurements.A more precise waist measurement results in a garment that fits the wearer more appropriately.

Step 1: Measure your physique using the previously mentioned methods.

Step 2: Pick a size for one of our handcrafted leather belts, then click CUSTOM SIZE. Please fill in the designated space with your waist measurement, to the closest quarter-inch. Put something along the lines of, "I measured myself, and my measurement is 37.25 inches."With a few holes added or subtracted to accommodate future body changes, we will customise the size of the belt depending on your precise measurements.

Could You Please Measure My Belt As It Is Now?

Genuine Leather Belts for Men Buckle Belts

It is possible to establish your belt size by looking at the one you are presently wearing; however, this method is not as accurate as some of the others. The high-quality full grain leather that we use in the construction of our belts is not standard for all belts. There are many different kinds of leather that may be used to make belts. Belts made of cheaper leather have a greater propensity to stretch over time, just like belts with braiding and materials of poorer quality. If you want to find out what size belt you wear, you shouldn't measure a belt like this one since with time, belts like this one tend to expand and become misshapen.

Method For Estimating Belt Size Based On Existing Belt

How to figure out what size belt you need if you already own a belt made of thick leather or one of our gorgeous buckles, then the following instructions will help you figure out what size belt you need. This method functions most effectively when the belt is being given to the receiver as a gift; nevertheless, it can also be utilized for the purpose of measuring belts that include ranger belts or classic belt buckles.

Tools: your existing belt, a level table, and a soft or metal measuring tape

Step 1: On a level surface, lay your leather belt out.

Step 2: Measure the distance with the tape measure between the center of the Obscure Belt buckle hole and the belt hole you usually use. If you have a leather belt with a conventional buckle, measure the length of the belt from the normal belt hole to the point where the buckle's prong contacts the frame.Using your measuring tape, the example below will show you exactly where to measure on an Obscure Belts buckle or a regular belt style. It is always more accurate to measure to the closest quarter inch rather than the nearest inch.

Step 3: Refer to our belt sizing tables. From the belt size charts, select the size that falls between your measurements. Our objective is to create a belt that fits snugly at first but allows for flexibility in case your body changes.

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