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A Manual On Selecting The Appropriate Hat For The Form Of Your Face

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A Manual On Selecting The Appropriate Hat For The Form Of Your Face

What shape is your face—oblong, round, or oval? Or does it resemble a square, heart, or kite (diamond) more? Feeling perplexed and unsure of the hat that best fits your shape? Although it's possible that not every hat will fit every face shape, we firmly believe that there is a gorgeous hat out there for everyone, regardless of nature's gift. We've taken the time to put together a list in order to ensure that you leave with a hat that complements your unique features and that you love and treasure.

Selecting a hat might be difficult at times. Numerous choices about color, size, material, and style follow. We believe that considering your face's natural form will help you make these judgments the best way possible. While the diversity of beauty in the world is astoundingly and wonderfully reminded by the differences in our faces, it is advisable to keep your face shape in mind when choosing a beanie. To assist you in selecting the ideal hat to complement your face shape, we have put together a brief guide.

Nine fundamental forms can be found on most faces:

1.Oval:With a jaw that is narrower than the cheekbones, and longer than wide. It appears that ovals are smaller than average across the board in all metrics.

2. Square:A prominent jawline and hairline.The length of the chin and forehead are nearly similar.

3. Circular:A wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones are characteristics of this face type.

4. Heart: The traditional "English Rose" form, distinguished by a narrow chin and broader forehead.

5. Long:With a significantly smaller bone structure, this shape is similar to the oval shape.

6.Diamond Kite: The kite face is characterized by a narrowing jawline and chin, as well as high cheekbones that are somewhat wider than the middle and lower forehead.

7. Rectangle A definite jawline that is comparable in width to the cheekbones and lower forehead

8. Tear drop :The forehead length is shorter than the chin length for this particular group only. a face that is shorter, with a small cheekbone and forehead

9. Heptagon:Broad foreheads and broad cheekbones are striking features. Generally speaking, longer faces than usual

Determining your face shape is not too difficult. We've discovered that using a flexible measuring tool—such as a flexible tape measure—instead of a ruler works best. Measuring your forehead width, cheekbones, jawline, and the length of your face from the forehead to the chin can all give you a fair indication of the form of your face. Take note of the highest number now, and then read the following section.

Shape Of An Oval Face  

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If you have an oval face shape, your face will probably narrow at the jawline and typically be longer than the width of your cheekbones.

Is that you? You're fortunate then. You can choose almost anything because most hats will fit your diverse features, which include your accentuated angles, softer jaw, and longer face shape.

We especially suggest the Tiree Bobble Beanie and the Tiree Chunky Bobble from our Easy Way line. They are ideal for any fall or winter getaway in the crisp Scottish air because of their eye-catching vibrant colors, plush wool, and whimsical design.

Curved Face Shape

With shorter measurements at the forehead and jawline, round faces typically have measurements that are close together, meaning that the length of your face is nearly equal to the breadth across your cheekbones.

A beanie worn low over the forehead is what we would suggest for people with fuller faces. This will extend the face and enhance the jaw's delicate angle to perfection.

The best beanie options for this are Tiree Reversible (normal) and Easy Way Tiree Special. Their smooth arcs (and much softer wool) will provide the appearance of length, defining facial contours and drawing attention to the cheekbones. Not only do these more fitted, straight-edged hats look great on round faces, but wool is entirely sustainable, so they're perfect for a cold summer afternoon as well!

Extended Face Forms

Your face appears noticeably longer than it is wide if you have a long face shape. Your chin and cheekbones should be about the same width as your forehead, which is usually the broadest area of your face.

You will look best in hats that span your forehead if you have a longer face shape. These will draw attention to your bone structure by making your face appear shorter. The secret is to choose outfits, like tighter woolly hats or fisherman's caps, that will give the impression of width.

Probably advisable to stay away from slouches. While we think that anyone can wear any of our hats with confidence, a slouch is more likely to hang over the back of your head and toward your hairline. A hat worn high on the forehead tends to draw attention to and lengthen the face. In contrast, a fisherman's cap fits snugly and ends just over the eyebrows.

A fisherman's beanie is a warm and cozy solution for a chilly day in this situation. It's a stylish and useful option for anyone searching for the ideal hat, with a ribbed edge that rests low over the forehead.

Faces With Heart Shapes 

Winter Beanie Fleece Warm Wool Hat for Men


A heart-shaped face is thought to feature a forehead that is wider than the cheekbones and jawline, together with a delicately pointed chin. This is known as the traditional "English Rose" look. It is precisely what it sounds like—it has a heart-shaped form.

Like a round face, this classic style will look great with a beanie pulled low over the forehead and a straight brim. This is so that a straight brim, or angle, won't draw attention to the jaw's narrowness and won't overpower the features of the face. This is the ideal use for our Tiree beanies.

Square-Shaped Face  

Sharp facial features and a robust bone structure are advantages of square face types. The jawline is more angular than rounded, which distinguishes this facial shape slightly more even though all other measures are often identical. Strong, straight lines in hats, in our opinion, can sometimes over-emphasize these characteristics.

Anything baggy, like a slouchy beanie, is advised because it will soften any sharp, pointed characteristics. Our oversized, reversible beanie, which comes in an array of colors, is the ideal illustration.

Diamond Face Shape: Kite

The facial length that measures the largest relative to all other features identifies a kite face shape. Then, in decreasing order, the jawline, forehead, and cheeks are usually affected.

Interestingly, the way a hat is worn can have just as much of an impact on someone with a kite-shaped face as the hat itself. A cozy pull-on that you can style further back will counteract any potential face-shortening due to the constricted chin and forehead.

Similar to a square face, in this instance, we would strongly advise a slouchy beanie that you may style as you wish. On chilly winter days, a big bobble that can be lowered back over the forehead will keep you toasty warm and stylish.

In the end, it is entirely up to you to decide whatever hat you would like and would treasure. This guide is meant to help you better understand the distinctions in facial shapes when it comes to selecting the ideal hat, rather than being an exact science. There are numerous differences that can be taken into account within each face shape category, ranging from skin tone and hair color to confidence levels and fashion style. Recently, we reported about many hat styles here. Choosing a woolly beanie you truly adore is the most crucial step. It's never been simpler to choose a hat that flatters the shape of your face, either, with so many options!

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