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7 mistakes men often make when wearing a business suit

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7 mistakes men often make when wearing a business suit

Men often make mistakes as they don their business suits for interviews, business meetings and networking events — especially young professionals entering the workforce.

Some mistakes are downright cringeworthy, such as leaving the jacket on and buttoned when sitting, which causes the shoulders to rise to the ears.

Other mistakes are less dreadful, but still should be rectified, such as wearing a tie incorrectly.

Keep these seven tips in mind when you wear a suit, whether you are just entering the workforce or you need a refresher on what to wear to business functions.

1. If the suit doesn’t fit, don’t wear it

You’re better off dressing down and looking good than dressing up if your clothing doesn’t fit well. If you’ve gained or lost weight, consider getting your suit altered. Don’t go to a meeting with a baggy jacket or tight pants.

2. Black socks aren’t always the answer

In most cases, socks should match your pants color. Be sure to wear quality over-the-calf dress socks with dress shoes and not crew socks.

3. Don’t wear casual-dress shoes instead of suit shoes

Wear suit shoes that have an outer luster, heel and leather sole. The heel height matters too for suit shoes. Casual-dress shoes are better worn with khakis or jeans to dress them up.

4. Be sure your tie isn’t too long or too short

Far too often men wear their ties incorrectly. The tip or point of your tie should touch your belt — not lie above it or below.

5. Your belt doesn’t have to perfectly match your shoes

Your belt and shoes should be from the same color family; however, wearing light brown shoes with a dark belt doesn’t sit well with many people. If you opt to wear suspenders instead of a belt, you should never wear both together. Make sure your suspenders match your shoes.

6. Don’t button all the buttons

When a suit jacket has multiple buttons, leave the last button unbuttoned.

7. Break some rules

For example, it’s ok to create your own style by wearing a variety of colorful dress socks. Not matching your pocket square with your tie is also okay; the two should complement each other — not always match.

When you dress up, you want people to pay attention — in a good way. A networking event could be the way you make your next career move, so dress to impress.

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