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3 common misconceptions about ties

Views: 201     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-06-12      Origin: Site


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3 common misconceptions about ties

That is true. If you ask me, it is a truth that science has established. Of course, I'm the scientist, therefore I'm the one making the assertion that this is true.

But you have to acknowledge that ties are absolutely unique, and if you follow my online activities or are already a customer of Ed Ruiz Menswear, I'm sure you share my opinion.

Nevertheless, as wonderful as neckties are, they are not immune to rumors and false information. It goes along with being wonderful, you know.

So let's examine three of the most widespread necktie misconceptions and attempt to dispel them all once and for all.

1. Tie-wearing is uncomfortable

The idea that neckties should truly be worn is arguably the most prevalent.

Do ties truly bother you, though? I'll be direct in my reaction and say no. There is no doubt that neckties are comfy.

So, am I depriving folks who complain about the discomfort of neckties from having personal experience?

Not at all, however I believe that the generalization that "neckties are uncomfortable" is incomplete.

When a man complains that a tie is uncomfortable, according to my observation and personal experience wearing ties (and you know I wear them A LOT), one out of two factors—or probably both—are typically at blame.

The man is wearing a necktie that is excessively tightly fastened. It's true that some guys will assert with perfect conviction that their necktie feels too tight around their neck when, in fact, the problem is with their shirt collar. Making sure your shirt collar fits your neck properly will quickly solve this.

Simply said, they're not used to wearing ties. Men who hardly often or never wear ties are just unaccustomed to the feeling of a tie hanging from their necks, whether or not it is tight. Naturally, wearing a tie can be a little more cumbersome than not wearing one, but wearing ties more frequently can change this.Give yourself this task: put on a tie more frequently. Do it every day for a week. Soon you won't even be aware that it's around your neck.

2. Neckties are out of fashion

This is a challenging question since, to be honest, it would be simple to assume that neckties are becoming less fashionable or out of style.

I have to concede that this tale could be genuine in some sense.

The situation is not quite as clear-cut as one might anticipate, though. Particularly when discussing fashion and, more specifically, while discussing the necktie, a classic item of menswear.

The necktie may be losing popularity in certain regions and sectors where, only a few years ago, it was commonplace for men to wear them. Consider banks, insurance providers, and a few other industries. Yes, neckties are no longer as prevalent in those circles nowadays.

I do, however, observe a rise in men all around the world's genuine interest in neckties.

And by more real interest, I mean. One that originates from a genuine love and enthusiasm for this lovely item of clothing rather than from a rigid dress code or workplace rule.

All the men out there, including you reading this article, are living proof to me that the popularity of the necktie is alive and well, specially amongst those who really care.

No. Neckties are not really going out of style. Neckties are here to stay.

3. Wearing a necktie is unhealthy

If I recall correctly, I have already addressed the idea that neckties are unhealthy in a prior blog article or an older video on my YouTube channel.

In the end, though, neckties can potentially transmit infections, increase intraocular pressure, and decrease the free flow of blood to the brain. Please read this link for additional information on these findings.

Since I am not a medical professional or anything akin to one, I may not be the ideal person to refute these assertions, and no one should take anything in this blog post to be medical advice.

What I will argue, though, is that even if these studies are accurate, it doesn't necessarily follow that neckties are unhealthy. That wouldn't be true, for one.

Wear your ties loosely if neckties can really restrict blood flow to the brain or lead to eye issues .

I fail to see why neckties would be singled out given that a great deal of other items, including the majority of clothes worn by men and women, might also contribute to the transmission of illnesses.

Ties are not harmful to your health. In fact, I'd suggest that males looking great in ties is healthy for everyone's health. What do you say? That is my viewpoint, and I stick to it.

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