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The various meanings of a red tie

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The various meanings of a red tie

Have you ever heard the term power tie? In the business world, this refers to a solid red necktie. The color red is known as a power color, associated with authority, strength and passion. Red is often worn to grab attention, make a statement or mean business. Now that you know the meaning, here's how to confidently wear that red tie.

Business Environment

Let’s start with the most common. For CEOs and others in high power positions, red is a reaffirmation of assertiveness and authority. Even if you’re not the boss, it’s okay to wear a red tie. (While the solid red tie is the standard for a power tie, you might also want to consider a red pattern tie.) It shows diligence and concentration, and your boss may take note—even if it’s subconscious.


You know by now that red portrays a sense of confidence. In sales, when you are confident about yourself and the products you are selling you are more likely to make the sale. This confidence can rub off on the buyer, too. In person, a red tie can grab attention without being too overwhelming. And undivided attention is what you want on a sales call.

Resturant and Hospitality Uniforms

A red tie on a server or staff member is a great way to set employees apart from other customers or guests. If a customer or guest has a question or need, a red tie will make your staff easily identifiable. The color looks professional year round, but doesn’t blend in as much as a black tie. Solid red is the most common choice for red uniform ties. Look for red neckties in 3- to 3.25-inch widths to suit men and women. If you prefer bow ties, select an easy-to-use pre-tied red bow tie.


Just like in uniform wear, red ties are a great way to add a splash of color to a choir without taking away from the performance itself. Red’s versatility allows for it to be used at all times of the year, with no need to purchase additional ties for holiday or patriotic events. Just like with uniforms, look for pre-tied red bow ties or neckties in a 3- to 3.25-inch width that will fit the majority of your choir members.

Everyday Wear

Red is bold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tie it into an everyday, casual outfit. To do so, pick a slimmer width tie than the business standard of 3.5-inches wide. Anything less than 3-inches wide will give a more casual vibe, as will a tie in a more laid-back material like cotton. Or, tone things down with a red pattern tie in either a necktie or bow tie.

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