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There are eight different ways to tie a scarf

Wrap the scarf loosely around your neck, starting in the middle and crossing the ends several times until the bulk of the scarf's length is covered by the wrap. This may require multiple scarf crosses to create a lofty neck covering. Tie the two ends loosely together at the base of the wrap when the ends are almost completely used up. Position one end over your shoulder if you choose to leave the ends untucked.

Six modern looks to try when wearing a blanket scarf

Last but not least, pairing a black scarf with textured clothing and accessories is a fantastic method to keep things fresh. The likelihood is that everything you already own has some sort of texture if it is a bulky knit.Simply dress it up even more by pairing it with items like a black satin top, a black leather jacket, a black patent leather bag, a black metallic sweater, or a velvet blouse.Naturally, you could also attempt wearing it with a fur vest.