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The Crucial Pocket Square Rules

Matching a Pocket Square With a TieDo your pocket square and tie have to match exactly? The quick response is no. While it may appear like a simple approach to assembling your ensemble, it is definitely not appropriate to match your pocket square with your tie or bow tie. Rather, the pocket square o

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Methods for choosing pocket squares

One of the oldest fabrics in existence, linen is manufactured entirely of natural ingredients. Despite being incredibly light, it is highly durable. Since lighter materials are worn in the summer, linen pocket squares are frequently linked with that season.For a black-tie event, they can be worn with a contrasting fabric like a tuxedo because they are less flashy than silk, but a double-breasted linen jacket also looks great with a linen pocket square. The main drawback to linen is how frequently it needs to be ironed because it wrinkles so easily.Cotton pocket squares are less sophisticated than linen pocket squares, which can be used with both dressy and informal outfits. Both wool and silk ties look great with the matte finish of linen.