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How to Tie a Scarf Stylishly?

Views: 202     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-05-18      Origin: Site


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How to Tie a Scarf Stylishly?

A scarf is without a doubt one of the simplest yet chicest of accessories. We think of European women wearing them with panache wild making a simple and elegant fashion statement, but a scarf adds a finishing touch across the globe. It can also be a standpoint, being the focal point of an outfit, for example, shearing a bright, coral scarf with an all-black dress.

Anyone can wear a scarf for any season. Men can also wear scarves, and it doesn't have to be winter. Scarves come in different shapes, colors, patterns, and sizes. It’s a good idea to have a four-season selection of scarves. Also try having different variations of scarves, triangular, square, and rectangular in silk, wool, and cotton. There are also different ways to tie a scarf. If you're looking for a different approach to tie your scarf, here are three ideas to get you started:

The French Knot

Fold the scarf to form a triangle. Roll it in a "hot dog" style until you get to the end.

Drape scarf over your shoulders.

Wrap ends around your neck and back in front again.

Tie ends together.

The Parisian Bandana

Fold the scarf half diagonally.

This step will depend on how large you want the "triangle" part of your scarf. If you have a square scarf, you can move on to step three. If your scarf is larger than a small square, continue with this step. You can roll the edge in a "hot dog" style. Start by rolling the longest edge of your scarf and keep rolling until the end. Don’t roll the scarf to the corner–stop halfway through. Keep in mind where you stop will determine how large the "bandana" portion will be. You should now have a long rectangular roll with a triangle at the end.

Tie the ends together. You can leave them hanging, or you can tie into a knot.  Depending on your preference, you can tie the ends over the bandana, or under it. Leave them hanging out, or you can tuck the loose ends underneath the triangular portion of the bandana for a cleaner look. There’s no wrong way to do it– it just depends on what you’re going for, and, how much of your scarf you’d like to show off!

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Waterfall Kerchief

Place the scarf loosely around your neck, so one end hangs much lower than the other, to form a loop.

Pull the long end across your chest and tuck it into the loop around your neck on the opposite side.

Fluff the two layers together. The loose corner should hang down in the center to form a chic kerchief style.

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