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How to choose the suitable scarf fabric?

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How to choose the suitable scarf fabric?

Scarves can be both warm and decorated in winter. There are many kinds of scarf fabrics, and the fabric is also good or bad, so what fabric of the scarf is comfortable, and what is the fabric of the scarf. Take a look at it below.

What fabric scarf is comfortable with?

Look at their own needs, each fabric has its own advantages and disadvantages. If the wool advantage is warm soft, light and elastic good, the disadvantage is that the new buy will have hair phenomenon. Cotton comfortable air permeability is good, the disadvantage is not durable, easy to fold. Generally, cotton, Modal and acrylic materials are mainly used; in winter, wool, wool and cashmere are warm materials mainly, and silk and linen scarves are mainly used in summer.

What are the fabrics of scarves?

Plant fiber fabric has cotton material, cotton material, Modi material, bamboo fiber material, etc.;

Animal fiber fabrics include wool fabric, cashmere fabric, silk fabric;

Chemical fiber fabrics are polyester, acrylic fabrics, chiffon fabrics;

Blended fabrics have silk cotton, cotton linen, nitrile fabrics, different materials through a certain proportion of blended;

What are the advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics?

Such as wool fabric, wool fabric is divided into pure wool fabric and wool blended fabric, only in terms of pure wool fabric, it is divided into pure wool worsted fabric and pure wool roughing fabric. The touch of pure wool worsted fabric is soft and elastic, smooth and thin. After grasping the fabric is loosened, the fold can disappear within a period of time. Pure wool roughed woven fabric is relatively thick, gentle touch, soft luster, clear and rich grain surface texture, woolen surface and suede surface do not show the grain bottom. The advantages of wool fabric are obvious, warm, soft, light, elastic, natural luster, the disadvantage is that the newly bought scarf will have hair loss, but the first time Cleaning has a floating hair drop is a normal phenomenon, after the basic will not drop hair.

Cotton scarf is comfortable to wear, good air permeability, warm effect is good, the disadvantage is not durable, easy to fold, dark easy to fade. Hemp, this kind of fabric is comfortable and breathable belongs to the natural fabric, but the elasticity is not good, not very close to the skin. The advantage of silk scarf is smooth, soft and warm, light and beautiful, the disadvantage is easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle, the silk feel is delicate and smooth. Nylon scarves are durable and smooth, but they are likely to generate static electricity in winter. There are leather, wool, polyester and other fabrics, polyester fabric daily care is convenient but the air permeability is not very good. Scarves made from animal hair feel comfortable and elastic, but they should be stored at ordinary times Pay attention to moth-proof, sensitive people also need to prevent allergies.

Why the scarf poff?

Some pilling in poor fabrics, but the wool / cashmere scarf is normal. It is not necessarily a quality problem, but by the material characteristics. The wool (wool) in the fiber thin, long, strong easy to pilling, because of the constant friction in the dress, the fiber is easy to loose movement, loose fiber out, forming hair, and then entangle each other, the high fastness fiber will not fall off in time and form a ball.

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